Are you in China and looking for an option to purchase Absoft products? Our network of worldwide distributors has been hand selected and vetted to ensure that you have the best purchasing experience. We have multiple partners and distributors in China ready to take your order. Take a look at our comprehensive list below and find the best supplier to meet your needs.

Partners and Distributors in China

Qast System Solution Inc.

qastSuite4C, Building 3, No.103
Shanghai 200050, DongZhuAnBang Road
Phone: +86 21 62113955/62113966
Fax: +86 21 62115855

Beijing Shiji Tianyan Software Co., Ltd. (TurnTech)

cssnRoom 443, Building 6
Huihuang International Center
100085 BEIJING, Shangdi 10th Avenue Haidian District
Phone: +86 10 62978511 / 62669193
Fax: +86 10 62981484

Kunlan Solutions(China) Inc.

C707, Jiahua Plaza,
Beijing 100085, Shangdi 3rd Street, Haidian District
Phone: +86 10 51266616
Fax: +86 10 82790465 ext.626

Having trouble contacting an organization, or want to discuss your options with our sales representatives? Contact us directly, visit our catalog of products, take a look at our user support forum, or visit our page dedicated to frequently asked questions to learn more about Absoft products and your options.