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The following testimonials and reviews of our products and services attest to the commitment that we provide toward creating great software. Do you have feedback, questions, comments, or concerns about our products? Talk to us and let us know.

I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the Fx3 debugger (I prefer it to totalview) and the tech support from Absoft.

Keith Dalbey
Sandia National Labs


I use Absoft Pro Fortran to generate physics-based computer simulations of natural hazards such as landslides, tsunamis and floods.
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Steven Ward
University of California – Santa Cruz


Thank you for a magnificent GUI and the best Fortran compiler that I have
ever worked with, and by far the best customer support.

James K Beard
Fortran Programmer


I am writing with great praise for Absoft’s Pro Fortran. As a former Lahey EM/32 user, I was somewhat concerned that moving to a new programming base would require hours of down time. To my great surprise, five minutes after installing Pro Fortran, I was up and running. As with any new install, I had a couple of questions and sent an email off to your tech support, hoping that maybe I’d get an answer by the next day. I was really shocked when I received an email response a few minutes later. This kind of support is unsurpassed! The compiler interface, ease of use, and technical support I’ve had to date tell me that I’ll be an Absoft customer from now on!

Peter Sephton
Professor of Economics
University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, Canada


We thank Absoft for providing a decent FORTRAN compiler that can accept legacy FORTRAN77 code, include C++ code, and produce executables on both Macs and PC’s. Without this ability there would be no Windows version of the program. We want to especially thank Absoft for helping us with the intricacies of the Absoft programming environment and the compiler’s Pgplot port (called Plplot) that Absoft has so thoughtfully provided with their product. Consequently, with Absoft’s FORTRAN compiler installed, anyone requesting the program source code may produce his or her own version of the program.

Paul Krusic
Columbia University


You guys have done a masterful job with both the PC and the Mac products. I think there may be a few more users here at Draper when I show some of the results.

Owen Deutsch
Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.


Once again I am impressed by your company and product. The product is received in minimal time and installation is as easy as it can get. I wish other companies we deal with could be as efficient as Absoft.

Clive Elsum
Systems Engineer, Information Technology Group
CSIRO Atmospheric Research in Victoria, Australia


The Absoft Fortran compiler family demonstrates high-performance, high-reliability and completeness in language support for 64-bit environments. The Absoft compilers support multiple platforms, allowing us to excel in multi-platform environments and enhancing performance by a noteworthy gain. Absoft Fortran compilers are definitely a highly valued.

Simon Su
Chief Technology Officer
AnCAD, Inc.


The license manager lets us put the software where the students need it. This is a cost effective way for us to deploy Absoft across our campus. We can have it available in our 24 hour labs as well as departmental labs closer to where some classes are taught. The installation went smoothly and the technical support was helpful.

Danny Reese
Associate Vice President IT Services
Tennessee Technological University


We are a developer of products that are compatible with Absoft Pro Fortran. In particular, we have a graphics library, a serial communication library, and a sockets network library which are marketed for use with the Absoft Pro Fortran compiler. We downloaded the compiler this morning. Installation went without any problems. We compiled and built our libraries. No problems. We ran a demo program which uses all the features of our libraries. Everything functioned properly… there have been no problems with Absoft.

Fred Vote
MicroGlyph Systems


I love Absoft’s devotion to advancing the HPC software development environment. For example, Absoft provides resources for nightly regression testing of the open source Open MPI project. This is especially notable since Absoft is a *compiler vendor* — not a *network vendor*. To me, that demonstrates a deep commitment to the overall HPC ecosystem.

Jeff Squyres
Open MPI Project Core Contributor


By way of appreciation, I must say that I really like the programming environment you’ve created. I actually do most of my coding in C, but I need to interface with legacy FORTRAN apps that I’m porting to Windows. Those of us who just want to create clean ANSI C and FORTRAN apps are in your debt!

Michael Johnson
Arete Consulting


Absoft brings their years of experience forward to benefit Apple developers with their companion products such as their Fx debugger and the Absoft Modules Environment. Intel and Absoft are working hard to help Apple developers maximize the power of the new Intel-based Mac platforms.

James Reinders
Director of Marketing and Business Development
Software Products Division


The Absoft debugger/compiler installed easily and efficiently under SLES 9. I performed a quick test by compiling a simple Fortran app using the Absoft f77 compiler, then I ran it through the debugger without any problems.

David Guezuraga
IBM Austin


I forgot to tell you that one of the valuable great feature of Absoft Pro Fortran is that it is multiplatform; Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. I have the two of them (Mac OS X and Windows) and I appreciate a lot having just to shift from one machine to the other with the same makefile (cygwin on Windows)!

Tahar Amari
Centre de Physique Theorique
Ecole Polytechnique, France


The installation for Absoft’s High Performance Computing Software was totally painless.

Steve Behling
CFD Application Specialist
IBM Deep Computing


Absoft will clearly benefit the increasing number of 64-bit Linux application developers who deploy AMD processor-based systems.

Pat Patla
Director Server/Workstation Marketing
Microprocessor Solutions Sector


Great product by the way. Absoft allows me to run my atomic physics codes on all the OS platforms I have available to me.

E. J. Mansky II
Eikonal Research Institute


I am very, very impressed by your service and support, and I would like to say again how pleased I am with the Absoft compilers.

Michael E. Mauel
Columbia University

Absoft’s Fortran compiler produced the fastest and most efficiently optimized code on the two hardware platforms we used for testing the AERMOD Air Quality Modeling code. We discovered that the reason Absoft Fortran is faster is that it used some optimization magic to reduce branching instruction and TLB miss rates when compared to the competition. As a result, Absoft Fortran execution time is comfortably ahead of the nearest competitor by 18%.

George Delic, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
HiPERiSM Consulting, LLC


We use the IBM HPC Toolkit at NERSC, and find it to be invaluable in understanding the performance behavior of our applications on our IBM pSeries systems… We especially like the Toolkit’s ability to trace back the perfomance data to the actual source code statements of our applications in the highly intuitive and visual framework.

Dr. David Skinner
HPC Applications Specialist

The cross platform compatibility of Absoft’s compiler range is a key factor for us. Our port to Absoft on Win64 was very straightforward. Everything worked as expected, including the Fortran/C linkage. We are now able to target five different platforms running Absoft compilers, from a common code base.

Lawson Wakefield