SMP Visual Analyzer

The Absoft SMP Visual Analyzer provides feedback on the specific loops that the compiler considered and what optimizations it performed.

The SMP Analyzer highlights parallel and vector optimization oppourtunites

Absoft SMP Visual Analyzer highlights parallel and vector optimization opportunities

Advanced Visual Analysis

Loop optimization and parallelization are color-coded to quickly identify how loops are processed by the compiler. Descriptions and examples are provided to allow you to identify and change blocks of code for faster optimization.  This analysis assists you in maximizing program performance with loop parallelism and loop vectorization optimizations.

Dynamic Analysis and Faster Performance Tuning

The SMP analyzer utilizes the current option set for each build. Different option sets can affect runtime performance and parallelism. You can get immediate feedback at compile time and make adjustments at compile time before the time-consuming task of run time analysis.

One Step Analysis

All analysis is done at compile time automatically. Once a build is completed in Absoft Tools, you have color-coded analysis available in all text editing windows. No additional steps are required. Clicking on a color-coded loop automatically brings up the context-specific descriptions in the build window for immediate feedback.

Context-Specific Optimization Advice

A single click will display an explanation of success or failure of vectorization optimization or parallelization technology. The analyzer describes all loops that fail and succeed to allow you to focus attention on improving performance where it matters most. The detailed explanations and examples enable you to re-design any algorithm to take advantage of Absoft’s advanced compiler optimizations and parallelization.

Key Feature List

  • Advanced Visual Analysis in AbsoftTools
  • Context-Specific Advice
  • One Click Analysis
  • Analyze Parallelization
  • Analyze Vectorization
  • Color-Coded Highlighting
  • Filtered Results