Fx3 Source Level Debugger

Source Level Debugger for Fortran and C/C++

Fx3 is the industry’s most complete Fortran debugger. It offers excellent support for C/C++ and assembly language as well. Fx3’s easy-to-use interface and extensive feature set provide superior analysis and control during the debug process.  Standard debugging techniques such as single stepping, conditional breakpoints, and variable display are supported along with a variety of advanced features.  Fx3 is compatible with compilers from Absoft, GNU, Microsoft, Intel, and other vendors. This allows debugging of mixed-language solutions with a single tool.

Absoft Fx3 Source Level Debugger
Fx3 Debugger primary window and matrix display view

Fx3 allows you to focus quickly on identifying problem areas in programs. The debugger comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) which includes tabbed source code and assembly views, toolbars, and dock-able backtrace, console, symbol, register, source browser, and memory windows. Dynamically updating views and visual indicators help developers easily see the changing state of a program.

Fx3 Benefits and Features

  • Ease of Use  – both GUI and command line interfaces are included
  • Standard Capabilities – process control, breakpoints, variable display
  • Fortran95/90 Support – modules, allocatable arrays, user-defined types
  • Fortran F77 Support – common blocks, adjustable arrays, character variables
  • C/C++ Support – C/C++ data types, expressions, user-defined data types
  • OpenMP Support – multi-threaded debugging with thread-specific breakpoints
  • x86 & x86-64 Support – extended register display,  symbolic dis-assembly, memory dumps

Fx3 is bundled with all Absoft Pro Fortran products for Windows, Linux, and OS X at no additional cost. It is also available as a stand-alone product for x86 and x86-64 Linux systems and OS X.

Fx3 Source Level Debugger in Action

View a short video below to lean more about using the Fx3 Debugger.

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