AbsoftTools Fortran IDE

Fortran Development Environment For Fortran Programmers

AbsoftTools Fortran IDE
AbsoftTools Fortran IDE

The AbsoftTools Fortran development environment provides a complete solution for Fortran programming. It simplifies program development and maintenance and increases productivity. One environment supports all stages of development from creating code to debugging it. Key features include: a context sensitive, language aware code editor, Fortran 90 module dependency analysis,  and  SMP performance analyzer. Mixed language development is enabled though automatic integration with the host system’s C/C++ compilers.

5 Reasons Why the AbsoftTools Fortran IDE is the Best Fortran Solution Available!

1) The AbsoftTools Fortran IDE is Fortran-centric

Absoft solves the problems associated with Visual Studio and Xcode which are excellent environments for C but have no knowledge of Fortran, Fortran debugging nor do they provide a Fortran application framework. Absoft’s is the only bundled IDE to provide these Fortran resources and full support for C as well.

2) The AbsoftTools Fortran IDE is a complete solution

Powerful and ease-to-use, it is excellent for small or large projects and the novice or experienced user. It comes bundled with all Pro Fortran products. Nothing else to buy and no compatibility issues to worry about. Programmer’s editor, compiler, debugger, application framework, math and graphics libraries are included.

3) The AbsoftTools Fortran IDE automates development

The editor and debugger know if you are using C or Fortran and adjusts key words, array indexing, etc. accordingly. Building and debugging mixed Fortran/C applications is easy and automated.

4) The AbsoftTools Fortran IDE is extendable

It is easy to add support for additional open source and commercial third party libraries. The documented XML library package interface makes integrating these libraries simple.

5) The AbsoftTools Fortran IDE is cross platform

Available on Linux, Windows and OS X, it provides the same functionality and a native look and feel on every platform. This means only one learning curve, which saves you time and money and makes the Absoft IDE the best choice for multi-platform developers.

AbsoftTools Fortran IDE in Action

View a short video on building a Fortran program with AbsoftTools.

View more Absoft Pro Fortran videos on YouTube

“I used Pro Fortran to write, debug, test and apply about 45,000 lines of code from the MS environment and it is, in a word: terrific. It is fast, has good diagnostics, builds great executable code and the IDE has a load of extra features that are invaluable. Beyond that, your support has been timely, helpful and detailed.”
D.J. Chadwick, President, SAFE, Inc.

IDE Feature Comparison

Fortran Features/Tools Included with IDE Absoft Pro Fortran Visual Studio Apple Xcode
Extended Fortran 95 Compiler
Extended F95 Compiler + IDE
Easy 1-Step Install
05 Load Balancing Optimization Technology for Multi-Cores YES NO NO
Fortran Legacy Workstation Extensions YES YES YES
Full Windows API Support Directly from Fortran YES YES NO
IDE and Fortran Specific Features
Fortran/C Color Syntax Programmer’s Editor YES YES YES
Fx3 Fortran & C Graphical Debugger YES NO NO
Matrix View Array Display YES NO NO
AWE I/O App Framework with Fortran Source YES NO NO
Automatic Fortran Module Dependency Tracking YES YES NO
Automatic Fortran and C Array Indexing YES NO NO
Generate Modifiable Fortran Makefiles YES YES NO
SMP and MPI Control Features YES YES NO
Supports 3rd Party Plug-In Libraries YES YES NO
Same on Windows, OS X, Linux YES NO NO
SMP Optimization Tools
Graphical SMP & Vector Analyzer YES NO NO
HPC Scientific Engineering Numerical Libraries
Ready to use Core, Vector and FFT Routines YES YES YES
Visualization Tools
2D/3D Scientific Graphic Display Library YES NO NO
HDF4 and HDF5 Visualization Libraries YES NO NO
FREE Plug-In C/C++ Compilers Supported
Microsoft C/C++ Compatible YES YES NO
Apple C/C++ Compatible YES NO YES
Plug-In Support for 3rd Party Applications
nVidia CUDA GPU Library (Windows, Linux) YES ** NO
IMSL Numerical Libraries (Windows, OS X, Linux) YES YES NO
HMPP GPU Pre-Processor (Windows, Linux) YES ** NO
Companion Platforms Supported
Windows: Windows Vista- Windows 10 YES YES NO
OS X: Snow Leopard – El Capitan YES NO YES
Technical Support
FREE – Live Phone Support M-F 9AM 3PM EST YES NO NO
Mixed Platform Floating Licenses Available YES NO NO
** Varies with 3rd party compiler installed – All features may not be supported