Technically Advanced Tools

Pro Fortran Compiler Technology

The Pro Fortran compiler is a highly optimizing Fortran 95 compiler. It includes full FORTRAN 77 support and  F2003 and F2008 features. All popular workstation extensions, such as Cray Pointers and VAX variable directed output formatting, are implemented.

AbsoftTools Fortran IDE

The AbsoftTools Fortran development environment provides a complete solution for Fortran programming.  It simplifies  program development and maintenance and increases productivity.

Fx3 Source Level Debugger

Fx3 is the industry’s most complete Fortran debugger. It offers excellent support for C/C++ and assembly language as well. Fx3’s easy-to-use interface and extensive feature set provide superior analysis and control during the debug process.

AWE Fortran Application Framework

AWE  Fortran application framework adds a graphical user interface to legacy Fortran applications. Without any additional coding, traditional command line programs get a visual upgrade and enhanced functionality.

SMP Visual Code Analyzer

Absoft Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) Visual provides visual feedback and context specific advice on loop parallel and vector optimizations.

HPC Scientific & Engineering Math Library

Absoft’s AMDAL High Performance Computing (HPC) Library is included with all versions of Pro Fortran at no additional charge. These routines represent a comprehensive collection of leading core math and graphics libraries used across a wide variety of industries.

Fast Data Visualization

Fast Data Visualization is an easy to use integrated graphics library that allows you to quickly generate, plot, display, save, and output your data through graphical representations.