Becoming An Authorized Absoft Distributor

Products available from over 200 distributors around the world!

Steps to becoming a product distributor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a distributor. Please read through the following steps to see if being a distributor is right for you.

  1. Review Absoft’s Standard Distributor Terms & Conditions
  2. Review Standard Distribution Agreement
  3. Contact Absoft via email expressing interest & any questions you may have
  4. Absoft will respond to your questions, and ask any that we may have about your company’s products or services
  5. Follow up with your completed Reseller Survey Form & Executed Standard Distribution Agreement
  6. Once all questions have been addressed, Absoft will indicate whether you have been approved
  7. Upon approval, you will need to email your digital company logo for the Absoft Authorized Distributors Page
  8. Once approved and your information is processed by Absoft, you will receive a user id and password allowing you to log in to the Absoft Authorized Distributors Homepage, which will allow you complete online access to pricing, part numbers, marketing tools, and more