Sales FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Sales and Purchases

Our sales FAQ is designed to provide answers to common questions and concerns that users have over purchases, orders, and other sales-related information. At any time you may contact us for assistance if our sales FAQ does not meet your needs.


How do I find out the status of my order?

Your order is as important to us as it is to you. You may contact us to inquire about order status.

Information that will help track your order includes:

  • The approximate date your order was placed
  • The order number if placed online
  • The name of the ordering organization
  • The name and email id of the end user
  • An invoice or purchase order number
  • The product(s) ordered


How do I purchase or upgrade to the latest release?

From the products page, select the product family of interest and then select the item. The ‘Buy Now’ button at the top of each page will take you to an order form.

Can I purchase copies of previous releases?

Absoft maintains a limited inventory of previous releases. These are available at standard product pricing and can be ordered by contacting Absoft sales.

Are there discounts when I buy compilers for multiple machines?

Multiple licenses for single or multiple machines ordered on a single purchase order for single end customer may be eligible for volume discounts. Please contact Absoft sales for details on how it would apply to your situation.

How do I qualify as an academic customer?

There are two different ways to qualify as an academic customer:
(a) your order must come from an accredited, degree-granting, educational institution, or
(b) the person ordering must be a full-time student or hold a valid ID card from an accredited, degree-granting, educational institution.

All software purchased at the academic rate must be used solely for non-commercial uses.

Where are Authorized Absoft resellers in my country?

You can purchase directly from Absoft or through one of our resellers in over 27 different countries. Please visit our reseller’s page to determine the reseller closest to you.

Current Products

What are the current or latest product versions available from Absoft?

Please visit our platform pages which list all current products:

What new features are in the latest versions?

New features vary by product so please select the main product page of the item you are interested in and follow the ‘Product Specifications’ link on that product page.

What is different between the academic and commercial product versions?

The software included with academic and commercial versions is identical but the prices are different.

Can I review the documentation before I buy?

Yes. Documentation for Absoft products is available online.

Can I get a free demo, trial version or evaluation license for testing?

Free trial versions of most Absoft products are available by completing the request form on the right side of this page.

Will the same compiler work on Windows, OS X and Linux?

Because Windows, OS X and Linux are different operating systems, a different compiler designed for each OS is required. Absoft hides the differences ‘under the hood’ and all of our compilers have the same look and feel, and are source-compatible across all OS’s, so from a programming point of view, there is only one learning curve, regardless of operating system(s) you use. To simplify development on multiple platforms Absoft offers the MaxFlex license option which can dynamically switch between Windows, OS X and Linux licenses as required.

Can I return software I have purchased?

Refunds or exchanges are usually available for physically shipped software that is returned, unopened, within 30 days of purchase. We do not offer refunds on opened or electronically delivered software.