GINO Graphics & GUI Visualization

GINO offers high-end feature-rich API and IDE tools for creating complex 2D and 3D graphics and GUI applications

GINO Graphics provides a complete development environment for creating feature-rich applications containing a highly interactive User Interface and professional 3D graphics. It is available in a choice of configurations to suit a variety of application needs giving you the necessary tools to produce royalty-free programs on-budget and on-time.

Gino Package Features

GUI/GUI Lite Edition
Standard Edition
Developer Edition
Professional Edition
Enterprise Edition

GINO is the core graphics library in the development suite. It provides over 450 routines and functions for developing professional 2D and 3D graphics applications. The library includes functionality from basic line drawing, fonts, polygons and images to full 3D OpenGL features such as facets, bezier surfaces, lighting, shading and texture-mapping. Metafile input/output includes DXF, JPEG, PNG, ICO, BMP, CGM, Postscript and WMF.

GINOGRAF is a set of functions for displaying 2D numerical data in a range of graphical forms and to enhance users data display needs with the minimum of programming effort.

Extruded Bar charts, pie charts, X-Y graphs, vector diagrams, histograms, step, area, text and polar charts can all be generated from a single call. Alternatively, a whole host of composite routines are available which offer further control of position, scaling and labeling of axes, line styles and symbol types, curve fitting characteristics, color and solid fill capabilities, linear and logarithmic scales and titling.

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GINOSURF is a multi-dimensional graphical display library providing a variety of surface representations. Contour plots, perspective surfaces and cross-sectional diagrams can all be generated to perform accurate visual appraisal of your multi-dimensional data. This impressive and high performance surface mapping can all be created with a minimum of programming effort.

GINOMENU is a subroutine toolkit for developing Fortran GUI applications under Windows. It provides extensive window and widget building modules allowing professional user-interfaces to be created under Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 without the need to get involved in MFC, API or mixed-language programming.

GINOMENU is unique in not only providing the features of the Windows API to the Fortran GUI programmer but also making it extremely easy to use; no knowledge of system event loops or window handles is required and a basic program containing a simple window can be created with less than 15 lines of code!

GINOMENU Studio is a fully interactive GUI builder and development environment for the Fortran programmer. Application development is made easy with visual drag-and-drop design, fully integrated callback editor, coding-error tracer and run-time project manager.

GINOMENU Studio contains all the components required for building sophisticated GUI applications. Menu bars, dockable tool bars, status bars, data entry controls and graphics controls are dropped onto the design grid and then their properties can be altered showing you exactly what the application is going to look like. Code can then be added to any event associated with each control and this can be linked to user-code either internal or external to the project.

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 GINO GUI Lite for Windows! Available exclusively through Absoft and official Absoft distributors!

Add interfaces to your Windows Fortran programs – Without MFC or API knowledge! A $395 Value – FREE with the new purchase of, or upgrade to, Absoft Pro Fortran 2016 for Windows.

GINO GUI Lite lets you easily add interactive Windows interfaces to your Fortran programs without getting involved in MFC, API or mixed-language programming. No knowledge of system event loops or window handles is required.  GINO GUI Lite supports either 32-bit or 64-bit installation and is compatible with the current version of Absoft Pro Fortran and Windows Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10. This is a full, perpetual license. There are no runtime fees.

GINO GUI Lite includes all the existing functions in the GINOMENU library and all the functionality found in the $990 GINOMENU Studio GUI-builder, the only difference being the maximum number of widgets which can be incorporated into a single application is limited to 150. Everything else is the same. GINO GUI Lite has an SRP of $395 and is available exclusively through Absoft and Absoft resellers and only as part of the Absoft Pro Fortran + GINO GUI Lite bundle for Windows. It is not available separately.

All newly purchased copies of Absoft Pro Fortran for Windows will automatically include GINO GUI Lite at no additional charge.