Free AbsoftTools Winteracter Plugin Available

Create Winteracter projects inside AbsoftTools

A free AbsoftTools Winteracter plugin is now available. Winteracter is a Fortran 9x user interface and graphics toolset which enables implementing a modern graphical user interface in a familiar Fortran-specific context. Created through a collective effort of Winteracter/ISS Ltd and Absoft engineers, the AbsoftTools Winteracter plugin supports developing Winteracter programs inside the AbsoftTools integrated development environment.  Versions of the plugin are available for use on Windows, OS X and Linux platforms. The plugin supports both 32 and 64 bit development. 

After installation, the plugin adds a Winteracter option to the Libraries/Tools tab in the AbsoftTools Project Options dialog.  A simple click on the checkbox configures your project for use with Winteracter.  The plugin supplies all the information required to compile and link Winteracter projects. It also enables automatic launching of the Winteracter resource editor as needed for resource files. 

AbsoftTools Winteracter plugin
A single option adds Winteracter support

AbsoftTools Winteracter plugin requirements

The AbsoftTools Winteracter Plug-in is FREE via download from the Winteracter website

A current installation of the Winteracter is required in order to use the AbsoftTools plugin. Winteracter is available for purchase directly from Absoft. More information is available here. 

The minimum version of Absoft Pro Fortran required to use the plugin is Absoft Pro Fortran 2016 with service pack 2.