Absoft SLATEC For Pro Fortran 2016

What is the SLATEC Common Math Library?

The SLATEC Common Math Library is a collection of 1400 Fortran subroutines developed by United States government research labs.  It contains mathematical and statistical routines for use in a variety of applications.

Free for all Pro Fortran 2016 platforms

Absoft has created pre-compiled and easy to install packages for using SLATEC with Absoft Pro Fortran 2016. The libraries have been optimized and validated on Windows, OS X and Linux.  All SLATEC installations include HTML documentation, libraries (both 32 and 64  bit where appropriate) and a plugin component for use in AbsoftTools projects. The Absoft SLATEC packages are available at no cost to all users of Absoft Pro Fortran 2016.

Absoft SLATEC Library Contents

  • BVSUP, two point boundary value problems solved by superposition;
  • DASSL, for the solution of differential/algebraic systems;
  • DDRIVE/SDRIVE, for the solution of double precision or single precision systems of ordinary differential equations;
  • DEPAC, for the solution of systems of differential equations;
  • DLAP/SLAP, for the solution of double precision or single precision sparse systems of linear equations;
  • EISPACK, for the computation of eigenvalues and eigenvectors;
  • FFTPACK, for fast Fourier transforms;
  • FISHPACK, for solution of the Poisson equation;
  • FNLIB, the Fullerton special function library;
  • MINPACK, for minimization (SNLS1, SNSQ);
  • PCHIP, for piecewise cubic Hermite interpolation;
  • PPPACK, for piecewise cubic polynomial interpolation;
  • QUADPACK, for quadrature over finite or infinite 1D intervals;
  • SOS, for square systems of nonlinear equations;
  • SPLP, for linear programming problems

Obtaining the Absoft SLATEC Library

Platform specific installers for Absoft SLATEC are available using the following links:

Absoft Pro Fortran 2016  on Windows

Absoft Pro Fortran 2016 on OS X

Absoft  Pro Fortran 2016 on 64 Bit Linux

Absoft  Pro Fortran 2016 on 32 Bit Linux