Absoft Pro Fortran 2022

Announcing Absoft Pro Fortran 2022

Just released for Windows, macOS, and Linux, Absoft Pro Fortran 2022 includes upgrades that improve performance and enhance the user experience on all platforms. For macOS, Pro Fortran 2022 fully supports the newly released macOS Monterey (12.0) and compiles and runs programs under Rosetta 2 translation on Apple’s M1 systems. Absoft Pro Fortran 2022 for Windows is fully compatible with the new Windows 11 release from Microsoft.

Customers upgrading to Pro Fortran 2022 from earlier releases are also eligible for another 12 months of technical support at no extra charge.

Parallel LAPACK and BLAS subroutine libraries

Absoft Pro Fortran 2022 includes parallel versions of the LAPACK and BLAS subroutine libraries. Based on the 3.10.0 version of LAPACK, these packages can dramatically improve performance on multi-core processors. The graphs below show the relative multi-thread versus single-thread performance for selected double-precision LAPACK routines on six and eight processors.

The parallel LAPACK and BLAS libraries are included as part of the standard package on all Absoft Pro Fortran platforms.


Complete Product Specifications

Details on the complete package for each of the supported systems are available.

Special Upgrade Pricing Available

Upgrading to the current version of Absoft Pro Fortran ensures access to technical support and the latest performance enhancements for the coming year.  Special upgrade pricing is available for customers who have purchased Absoft Pro Fortran 2021 and for customers with older releases. Please contact the Absoft sales department for further details.