Absoft Pro Fortran 2018

Announcing Absoft’s Latest Release

Absoft Pro Fortran 2018 is now available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Enhancements in the new release include performance optimization for AMD Corporations Ryzen CPU family, Ryzen tuned LAPACK libraries, and Fortran 2003 Stream I/O.

New Features in Pro Fortran 2018

• CPU optimizations for AMD Ryzen architecture
• LAPACK 3.7.1 libraries
• LAPACK 95 libraries
• AMD Ryzen Optimized BLAS/LAPACK/LAPACK 95
• Fortran 2003 STREAM I/O
• OPEN statement NEWUNIT= I/O specifier
• OPEN statement DECIMAL= I/O specifier
• OPEN statement SIGN= I/O specifier
• OPEN statement ENCODING= I/O specifier
• INQUIRE statement POS= I/O specifier
• INQUIRE statement DECIMAL= I/O specifier
• INQUIRE statement SIGN= I/O specifier
• INQUIRE statement STREAM= specifier
• READ/WRITE statement BLANK= I/O specifier
• READ/WRITE statement DECIMAL= I/O specifier
• READ/WRITE statement DELIM= I/O specifier
• READ/WRITE statement PAD= I/O specifier
• READ/WRITE statement POS= I/O specifier
• READ/WRITE statement SIGN= I/O specifier
• FORMAT statement DP and DC edit descriptors

Complete Product Specifications

Details on the complete package for each of the supported systems are available.

Special Upgrade Pricing Available

Upgrading to the current version of Absoft Pro Fortran insures access to technical support and the latest performance enhancements for the coming year.  Upgrade pricing is available for customers who have purchased Absoft Pro Fortran 2017 and for customers with older releases. Please contact the Absoft sales department for further details.