FREE 64 Bit GINO Lite GUI Upgrade Available

Sophisticated GUI builder is now 64 bit enabled

The GINO GUI Lite interface builder has been updated to support 64 bit development.  A $395 value included at no extra charge with Absoft Pro Fortran for Windows, GINO GUI Lite is a versatile tool for developers looking to add a sophisticated point and click interface to Fortran programs.  The GINO GUI Lite 8.1 update allows these programs to handle very large data sets by taking advantage of the full 64 bit address space.  The 64 bit GINO Lite package is fully compatible with the 32 bit version and no source code changes are required in existing projects.


How to obtain 64 Bit GINO Lite

The 64 bit version of GINO Lite requires Absoft Pro Fortran 2016.  Starting March 1st 2016, all electronic delivery downloads and USB key purchases include the upgraded package. Customers who purchased Absoft Pro Fortran 2016 for Windows prior to this date should contact Absoft directly for instructions on how to obtain the new 64 bit GINO Lite package.

GINO GUI Lite is a subset of the full GINO Graphics package produced by Bradly Associates Ltd.  The full GINO package is available for purchase from Absoft. More information is available here.