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Absoft logo Absoft is an IBM business partner IBM Logo

Absoft to Provide High Performance Computing
Software Developers Kit for IBM Linux On POWER™ Clusters and Servers

High Performance Computing hardware and software from IBM and Absoft maximizes
performance for software developers on IBM HPC servers and clusters

Supercomputing 2004, Pittsburgh, PA (November 9, 2004) Absoft Corporation today announced it will manage, sell, and support a new High Performance Computing (HPC) Software Developers’ Kit (SDK) for IBM Linux on POWER™ clusters and servers. The new Absoft HPC SDK is expected to become the standard HPC Development Kit offered to developers for IBM Linux on POWER servers and clusters.

The new kit will include compilers, debugging solutions, message passing libraries, numerical libraries, and other software tools used by developers in the ’Build-Debug-Run-Optimize’ development cycle for high-performance computing applications. Tools included in the SDK are from IBM, Absoft, and other manufacturers and open source providers.

Easy to install, simple-to-use and incorporating the most powerful best-of-breed high performance computing development tools available, the new Absoft HPC SDK will be developed for all configurations of IBM Linux on POWER clusters and servers. The basic HPC SDK comes pre-configured and includes: IBM's performance leading XL Fortran and XL C/C++ compilers, Absoft’s multi-platform compatible Fortran95 compiler, Absoft's multi-language Fx2 Debugging Solution, IBM’s highly optimized ESSL Mathematical and Scientific Libraries and LAM/MPI. The HPC SDK also comes with a common installer and a common license manager available exclusively from Absoft.

“IBM shares with Absoft a mission to provide our clients with simplified and cost effective applications for high-performance computing,” said Brian Connors, vice president of Linux on POWER, IBM Systems & Technology Group. “This announcement is yet another example of IBM’s deep commitment to our partners as we expand the Linux on POWER ecosystem and provide our mutual customers what they’re looking for - the highest performing, most reliable solutions available anywhere.”

Other enhanced SDK options will soon include floating network licenses, a parallel debugger, performance analysis tools, memory tuning software and more. Top products from other vendors and open sources will be made available. Availability of the HPC SDK for Linux on POWER is expected in late 2004 directly from Absoft and IBM for IBM Linux on POWER configurations running SUSE SLES 9 or Red Hat's RHEL 3 or later Linux distributions. Support for Linux Standard Base 2.0 is also planned.

“We are pleased to expand our business relationship and product offerings with an industry leader like IBM in the high performance computing market.” said Wood Lotz, President of Absoft. “The HPC SDK combines the latest and best-performing tools for high performance supercomputing with Linux on Power in a complete, cost effective package. The purchase and installation process is simple – when you receive the software it just works – everything is pre-configured and easily installed so that HPC developers can be productive from the moment they receive this solution from Absoft and IBM.”

The Absoft HPC SDK is expected to be available for shipment beginning in December 2004 as a pre-configured package based on the number of processors and the number of simultaneous users on the HPC system. Prices start at $5,000 for commercial versions. Product and ordering information are available at, by calling Absoft at (248) 853-0050, or by emailing

About Absoft Corporation
Based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Absoft Corporation is a world leader in software development tools. Since 1980 Absoft has led the scientific and engineering software community by introducing the first commercial 32-bit Fortran compilers for Macintosh, Windows-NT, Linux and HPC environments. Absoft business partners include: Apple, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Motorola, Cray Research, Sun and Silicon Graphics. Absoft is the sole provider of source-compatible Fortran and debugging solutions for all of today’s leading computing platforms. Major educational institutions, research laboratories, and Fortune 2000 companies use Absoft tools worldwide.

For more information about Absoft, visit, e-mail, or call 248-853-0050.

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Jeff Livesay
Absoft Corporation

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