New - Absoft Pro Fortran 2012 for Windows adds AVX, New GPU tools, more Fortran 2003 & 2008, New HPC Scientific Engineering Library

ROCHESTER HILLS, Michigan - Absoft Corporation, a leading developer of compilers and high performance computing tools for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, today announced general availability of the new Pro Fortran 2012 for Windows. Compatible with WinXP - System 7 and Microsoft Server 2003 & 2008, Pro Fortran 2012 is a major release which incorporates several new performance and ease-of-use features which increase performance on multi-core systems. Prices start at $299.

Primary features of Pro Fortran 2012 for Windows include: An improved version of Absoft's exclusive dynamic load balancing optimizer (-05) for multi-core systems; addition of AVX vector support in compiler and Fx3 graphical debugger; a new matrix view array display for the Fx3 graphical debugger; expanded Fortran 2003 and 2008 support; new GPU tab to facilitate use of nVidia math libraries and HMPP preprocessor; Absoft's new HPC Scientific and Engineering math library for Windows; Absoft Tools (IDE) has been improved to support external library plug-ins; and the new Absoft Window Environment (AWE) application framework can automatically add a Windows style graphical interface to your compiled applications. GINO GUI Lite and 2D/3D graphics also included.

IMSL numerical libraries: Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, are an available bundled option. Companion Pro Fortran suites for Linux and Mac OS also available. Trial versions available, registration required at

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