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Absoft Releases First IMSL® Fortran Numerical Library Implementation for MacOS/Intel

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., July 12, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Absoft Corporation, a leading developer of compilers, debuggers and software development tools for high performance computing, today announced another first for the MacOS/Intel community -- the immediate availability of the IMSL® Fortran Numerical Library. The IMSL Library, developed by Visual Numerics®, Inc., is the recognized standard in mathematical and statistical algorithms for high performance computing. The release by Absoft Corporation marks the first implementation of the IMSL Fortran Library for MacOS/Intel available from any developer source.

Designed especially for scientists, engineers, and business analysts, IMSL is a collection of over 1000 algorithms covering areas such as numerical optimization, differential equations, time series and forecasting, regression, and special functions just to name a few. In addition the IMSL Fortran Library enables accelerated development of high performance computing applications. Developed as a companion for Absoft's new high performance Pro Fortran v10 compiler suite, they are compatible with both the Tiger and Leopard OS. Pricing for the IMSL Fortran Library starts at $400 and Absoft is offering special, limited time conversion pricing for existing Absoft MacOS/PPC customers migrating to MacOS/Intel.

Absoft's recently introduced v10 compilers have continued to demonstrate industry leading performance in both 32-bit and 64-bit environments. With the introduction of the IMSL Fortran Library for MacOS/Intel, Absoft has opened access for the Mac customers to the wide variety of IMSL-based applications currently supported on over 70 computing platforms world-wide. This move by Absoft is an especially strong step forward for the science and engineering community as it allows hundreds of new applications to be ported to the new Mac hardware.

"Visual Numerics has worked closely with Absoft for over 20 years and together we are committed to providing continued software leadership for customers building cutting-edge scientific and technical applications. Collectively, our products provide the ability to push the limits of research and engineering in a wide variety of fields," said Phil Fraher, President and CEO of Visual Numerics. "The comprehensive IMSL Fortran Numerical Library combined with Absoft's reliable Fortran compilers provides a complete solution for Fortran developers requiring high performance along with high end mathematics and statistics for application development."

"Absoft was the first company to introduce a commercial 64-bit Fortran compiler for MacOS/Intel and we are pleased to again lead the software industry with another first -- the introduction of IMSL Fortran Library for MacOS/Intel customers," said Wood Lotz, CEO of Absoft Corporation. "The IMSL Fortran Library saves time and increases productivity for our customers. Using IMSL, they no longer need to write, test and document complex mathematical and statistical algorithms from scratch -- and the savings of using just a single IMSL routine, more than offsets the cost of the libraries. The industry-leading performance of Absoft's newest v10 compiler technology combined with IMSL Fortran Library make it easy for MacOS/Intel customers to create more advanced and faster applications in a wide variety of fields," continued Lotz.

Concurrent with release of the first IMSL Fortran Library for MacOS/Intel, Absoft is offering special, limited time pricing for existing MacOS/PPC IMSL customers who are converting to Intel. Special pricing on continuing maintenance and 32/64 IMSL bit bundles for Windows and Linux platforms is also available. Product details and additional information.

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