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NEW - Absoft® Pro Fortran v10 for Mac OS/Intel

Absoft releases the first commercial 64-bit Fortran for Mac OS/Intel - includes a full 32/64-bit development tool suite

March 20, 2007 - Rochester Hills, MI - Absoft Corporation, a leading developer of compilers, debuggers and software development tools for high performance computing today announced the immediate availability of Absoft Pro Fortran v10 for Mac OS/Intel. Absoft Pro Fortran v10 for Mac OS/Intel is the first Fortran suite to include both 32-bit and 64-bit compilers plus a complete development environment designed for Fortran programmers. Pro Fortran is fully compatible with both Tiger and Leopard operating systems, Apple tools and the gnu tool chain. Prices start at $299 and special introductory pricing is available for existing Absoft customers.

"Apple's Leopard operating system is full 64-bit and our customers want to exploit the extended memory and increased performance it has to offer," said Wood Lotz, president of Absoft. "Pro Fortran is the first commercial suite for Mac OS/Intel to include native 64-bit and 32-bit Fortran compilers, thus allowing customers maximum flexibility when developing code. These compilers are based on our latest v10 compilers for Linux, which are well tested and repeatedly verified by independent parties as the industry's top performers on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Customers who have been running code under Rosetta will see up to a 3x speed increase," continued Lotz.

In addition to offering the first commercial 64-bit Fortran for Mac OS/Intel, Absoft states Pro Fortran v10 includes several additional firsts for the Mac/Intel Fortran programmer: Absoft is the only Fortran 95 which supports quad precision; Absoft's Fx3 is the only graphical debugger on Mac OS designed for Fortran and C; and the MRWE application framework includes the only coding examples of accessing the Mac Toolbox directly from Fortran and it provides a graphical I/O window. Also included are 2D/3D graphics libraries, a collection of libraries and free live tech support. Absoft Pro Fortran tools may be operated from a command line or graphical environment.

"Pro Fortran v10 is the result of Absoft's 20+ years experience developing Fortran solutions for Mac customers," said Wood Lotz, president of Absoft. "We know what the customers need and Pro Fortran v10 is the most complete solution on the market. While a complete solution in itself, Pro Fortran also offers options to further extend application performance and functionality through select third party tools. For example, customers new to dual core systems can automatically restructure existing code to take advantage of multiple processors. IMSL's well known collection of 1000 highly optimized special function numerical libraries are useful across a wide variety of industries and will soon be an available option. For customers moving applications from G4/5 based Macs, Pro Fortran v10 has been designed so that re-hosting programs on Mac OS/Intel should require little more than a recompile. These features allow our customers to produce better code, faster," continued Lotz.

Absoft Pro Fortran is available at introductory pricing and license options include: single user, floating network and Absoft's exclusive MaxFlex licensing, which dynamically floats across OS X, Windows and Linux.

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