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Performance-leading Absoft Fortran Compilers for 64-bit Windows XP
and Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003

Wednesday, June 15, 2006 -
Absoft Corporation, a market leader in Fortran compilers, debuggers, and software development tools for high performance computing today announced general availability of its new top-performing Absoft Fortran Compiler v10.0 for 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® XP and Microsoft® Windows® Compute Cluster Server (CCS) 2003 running on Intel® Xeon® and AMD® Opteron® processors. Prices start as low as $299 and the product is available immediately.

The new Absoft Fortran Compiler v10 for 64-bit Windows implements the complete Fortran 95 standard and is based on Absoft's new v10 top-performing Fortran technology recently released for 64-bit Linux systems. Independently published benchmarks from Polyhedron Ltd indicate that the new code generation and advanced optimization technology in Absoft Fortran v10 Compilers outperforms other 64-bit Fortran compilers on both 64-bit Intel® Xeon® and AMD® Opteron® processors. "Absoft is experiencing similar results on performance tests with our new v10 compilers for 64-bit Windows - that is, our new Fortran compilers provide industry-leading performance on 64-bit Windows as well as 64-bit Linux" said Wood Lotz, Absoft chief executive officer.

The new Absoft Fortran v10 for 64-bit Windows is fully source compatible with Absoft 32-bit Pro Fortran v9.0 for Windows and the perfect tool for developers to quickly migrate existing 32-bit applications to 64-bit Windows to take advantage of the extended 64-bit memory capabilities and superior performance. Absoft Fortran v10 for 64-bit Windows is also source-compatible with Absoft Fortran compilers for Linux and Mac OS, thus allowing customers to develop applications for all of today's leading environments from a single code base. Absoft Fortran compilers for Windows can generate DLLs and are fully compatible with Microsoft .NET.

"Visual Numerics is very excited about supporting the Absoft Fortran Compiler for developers running the 64-bit Microsoft Windows environment." said Phil Fraher, CEO of Visual Numerics. "The combination of the IMSL Fortran Library and the high performance Absoft compiler within 64-bit Windows will take computationally intensive applications to a new level of performance and accuracy."

The new Absoft Fortran compilers for 64-bit Windows are available in two different configurations: Absoft Express Fortran, a new low cost 12-month subscription license that creates perpetual applications. Absoft Express Fortran is an excellent alternative for cost sensitive or short-term projects. Absoft Standard Fortran includes the Absoft Fx2 Fortran debugger, multiple math and graphics libraries and is available with a variety of license options. Both configurations include free technical support.

Introductory prices for Absoft Express Fortran v10 start at $299 for a 12-month subscription. Absoft Standard Fortran v10 is a perpetual license available in single user, floating or MaxFlex (mixed platform) license configurations starting at only $699 for commercial customers, $499 academic. Competitive upgrades are available at a $200 discount. Customers who own Absoft Pro Fortran v9.0 for 32-bit Windows can take advantage of special introductory companion pricing to obtain v10.0 for 64-bit Windows for only $399, or $499 for Absoft customers with earlier versions.

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