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New Absoft Roll contains leading software development tools for Intel® processor-based clusters and grids using Platform Rocks

LinuxWorld 2006, Boston, Apr. 5, 2006 - Absoft Corporation, a global leader in cluster and grid computing software solutions, today announced the new Absoft Roll with Intel® Software Products for Platform Rocks. The new Absoft Roll provides software developers with the best compilers, debuggers, math and message passing libraries, and advanced performance tuning and optimization tools for compiling, debugging, running, and optimizing high performance computing applications for clusters and grids.

"The Absoft Roll with Intel® Software Products is a comprehensive kit featuring best of breed software development tools that enable developers to achieve maximum performance from clusters and grids based on Intel® processors" said Rodney Mach, High Performance Computing Technical Director at Absoft Corporation. "We are pleased to work with Platform and Intel® to offer the next level of software development productivity for Intel® processor-based clusters and grids."

The Absoft Roll installs in less than five minutes and pre-configures the latest products from Intel®: Intel® C/C++ Compiler, Intel® Fortran Compiler, Intel® Cluster Math Kernel Library, Intel® Message Passing Implementation (MPI), Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives, and Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector for MPI application tuning, along with versions of the popular LAM/MPI and MPICH message passing libraries. The latest products from Absoft are also pre-configured and included: Absoft C/C++/Fortran compilers, Absoft Fx2 C/C++/Fortran Debugger, Absoft Modules Environment, comprehensive documentation, examples, and benchmarks. All components in the Absoft Roll include one year of Absoft technical support and free upgrades. The Absoft Roll with Intel® Software Products is designed for 64-bit Intel® processor-based Linux clusters and grids allowing software developers to instantly begin compiling and running HPC applications on their new Intel® processor-based clusters or grids running Platform Rocks.

Platform Rocks is a commercially supported and enhanced implementation of the open source cluster management toolkit, NPACI Rocks developed by the Rocks Cluster Group at the San Diego Supercomputing Center (SDSC) and its contributors. Platform Rocks provides customers a standardized tool to simplify management and make it easy and cost-effective for users to rapidly deploy, configure and monitor their cluster environment.

"As commodity-based Linux clusters grow in popularity, customers are demanding tools to simplify and optimize software development in these environments" said Chris Purpura, Vice President, New Ventures and Alliances, Platform Computing. "With the Absoft Roll with Intel® Software Products for Platform Rocks, users can immediately begin easily building, deploying and running high performance computing applications for clusters or grids."

"Clusters based on Intel Architecture provide clear price/performance advantages over proprietary designs, but cluster software installation and management have remained a significant barrier to adoption," said Bill Magro, Manager, Cluster Software, Intel Corp. "With the Absoft Roll with Intel Software Products for Platform Rocks, customers can get a pre-integrated set of best-in-class software tools that install in minutes and are ready for immediate deployment."

"Scientists, engineers, and software developers love their experience with SDKs and Rolls from Absoft" said Jeff Livesay, Executive Vice President at Absoft. "These solutions bundles from Absoft are comprehensive, extremely convenient, painless to install and use - all of the components are supported through a single point of contact, Absoft, greatly simplifying the customer experience from purchase to support," continued Livesay.

For more information on the new Absoft Roll with Intel® Software Products for Platform Rocks, please visit, contact Absoft by emailing or call 248-853-0050 and ask for sales.

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Platform Rocks is based on software developed by the Rocks Cluster Group at the San Diego Supercomputer Center and its contributors.

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