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Absoft® Announces New Software Development Solutions with Intel® Tools for Apple Computers using Intel® Processors

New bundles combine the best Intel® and Absoft® tools for software developers giving superior performance, price, reliability, and support on new Apple computers

San Francisco, CA (January 11, 2006) - Today at Apple's MacWorld Conference, Absoft Corporation announced plans to offer software development solutions designed for Apple's new Intel-based computers. The new software development solutions extend Absoft's existing product line for PowerPC-based systems from Apple. The new developer solutions include tools from Intel and Absoft optimized specifically for Apple MacBook Pro computers using Intel® Core Duo processors.

The new solutions will combine best-of-breed compilers, debuggers, and libraries from Intel, Absoft, and third party manufacturers to provide scientists, engineers, educators, and students with the best possible development tools on Apple MacBook Pro computers using Intel® Core Duo processors. This will give Apple software developers the best choices for developing and porting software applications written in Fortran and C/C++. These tools will be bundled into different configurations depending on customers' exact needs:

Intel components: Fortran, C/C++ Compilers, Math Kernel Library, Integrated Performance Primitives.

Absoft components: Fortran, C/C++ Compilers, Fx2 Fortran/C/C++ Debugger, Modules Environment, Integrated Development Environment, Common License Manager, Spotlight plug-in for Fortran, and Fortran examples and benchmarks.

Software Development Kits (SDKs) for high-performance computing (HPC) environments will also be offered containing the top-performing Intel and Absoft components together with numerous third party products also to be announced soon.

Many of the solutions will include increasingly popular tools such as Absoft's market leading Fx2 Debugger and the Absoft Modules Environment, which helps developers migrate their applications from other platforms, from 32-bit to 64-bit systems, or from single-core to multi-core applications.

"Absoft continues to build on more than 20 years of serving developers on Apple computers and we are offering new compilers and debuggers designed for new Apple systems using Intel processors. These tools are fully compatible with our existing OS X/Power-PC based products allowing easy migration between platforms" said Wood Lotz, Absoft chief executive officer. "We have also partnered with Intel to combine their best development tools with ours. Combined Absoft/Intel solutions help customers build, debug, and tune quality applications for maximum performance. Our focus is on providing the very best solutions possible to Apple customers using Intel® Core Duo processors; that focus allows us to identify the very best products and combine them into bundles that give customers the best price/performance possible on the exciting new computers from Apple using Intel processors."

"Offering the Intel compilers with the Absoft Fx2 Debugger provides added value for developers" said James Reinders, Director of Marketing and Business Development for the Software Products Division at Intel. "Absoft brings their years of experience forward to benefit Apple developers with their companion products such as their Fx2 debugger and the Absoft Modules Environment. Intel and Absoft are working hard to help Apple developers maximize the power of the new Intel-based Mac platforms."

The new software tools and solutions bundles will be available through Absoft and its resellers. Absoft will provide primary technical support for the Absoft and Intel products. Establishing Absoft as the single point of contact simplifies customers' end-to-end experience from initial purchase to technical support and maintenance.

The new Absoft and Intel software development solutions for Apple developers using Intel processors will be made available for free trial in special beta programs to qualified customers who apply online at: and the solutions will be available for purchase in the second quarter of 2006. Commercial, government, and academic pricing will be made available when the products are released. Volume discounts and floating licenses will also be available. Intel has selected Absoft as the point-of-contact for these bundled solutions. For additional product information, questions, or to inquire about pre-ordering, please contact or call Absoft at 248-853-0050.

For more information on Absoft's complete line of solutions for OS X on Intel® processors, please visit:

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