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Winteracter is a Fortran 9x user interface & graphics toolset, which enables scientists and engineers to implement a modern graphical user interface, within a familiar Fortran-specific context. Available for use with Absoft Pro Fortran on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, it comprises a comprehensive subroutine library and an extensive set of visual development tools. The Winteracter calling interface is totally Fortran based, eliminating the need to resort to compiler specific features, mixed language programming or low level API calls. The same calling interface is supported across all platforms/compilers, allowing a single codebase to target multiple operating systems.

Subroutine Library

The Winteracter library contains several hundred Fortran callable routines, covering a wide range of GUI functionality:
  • Window management
  • Messages (events)
  • Menus and toolbars
  • Dialogs
  • Grid controls
  • Text editor windows
  • Common dialogs
  • Graphics primitives
  • Graphics hardcopy/export
  • Graphics import
  • Graphical input
  • Presentation graphics (numerous 2D/3D plot types)
  • Memory bitmaps/metafiles
  • 3D Modelling
  • OpenGL
  • Operating system interface
  • ODBC database interaction
  • Clipboard access
  • Information functions
  • Date/time manipulation
  • Zlib compression
  • Help file access
Visual Tools

In addition to a comprehensive user-interface and graphics library, Winteracter also includes a substantial set of visual development tools:

  • Resource Editor: Menu/dialog/toolbar/icon/bitmap/cursor designer
  • WiDE: The Winteracter Development Environment
  • WED: Text editor with Winteracter /Fortran specific features
  • Wizard: Winteracter program generator
  • GraphEd: Graph designer
  • HelpEd: Help file builder
  • TrEdit: Troubleshooter creator
  • PlotConv: Display/convert/print graphics files
  • WinterView: Data viewer
  • 3Dview: OpenGL-based 3D model viewer
  • SetupEd: Installation script editor (Windows platforms only)

Graphics Formats

Winteracter includes a full set of graphics hardcopy/export drivers at no extra charge. Supported formats include:

  • Windows GDI : The Windows implementation supports GDI output to printer and metafiles
  • PostScript : Output suitable for monochrome & colour PostScript printers. EPS option
  • HP-GL
  • HP-GL/2
  • HP PCL
  • Epson ESC/P and ESC/P2
  • Bit-image files in PNG, BMP, ICO, CUR or PCX formats
  • CGM
  • DXF
  • SVG

Winteracter is available for use with Absoft Pro Fortran 10 or later on the following platforms:

  • Win32/x86 (32-bit)
  • Windows x64 (64-bit)
  • Linux/x86 (32-bit)
  • Linux/x86_64 (64-bit)
  • Mac OS X/x86 (32-bit)

The Linux and Mac OS X versions are known as X/ Winteracter, relying on X Windows and the Open Motif toolkit. The Windows version relies on the Microsoft Windows API.


  • Winteracter includes all visual tools, subroutine library, documentation and hardcopy/export drivers as standard. It is not necessary to purchase a selection of "optional" components to obtain a full toolset. You just need a supported Fortran 9x compiler.
  • No run time or royalty fees on any of the supported platforms
  • No recurring support or maintenance charges
  • Educational licenses available (redistribution of Winteracter based applications limited to non-commercial educational/research usage)
  • New releases adding new functionality are introduced periodically, which can be purchased for the currently applicable upgrade fee
  • Free technical support by email

View Winteracter Screenshots:

Windows - This image illustrates Winteracter-based applications running on Microsoft Windows. It shows the Winteracter Development Environment (WiDE) being used to edit, build and run one of the many supplied demonstration programs.

Linux - This image illustrates X/Winteracter-based applications running on Linux. It shows the resource editor being used to modify a toolbar. The OpenGL-based 3D model viewer and the Winteracter Data Viewer are also shown.

Mac OS X - This image illustrates X/Winteracter -based applications running on Mac OS X. The X/Winteracter documentation search tool is illustrated, along with PlotConv the graphics file view/print and conversion tool.

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