Absoft Pro Fortran Compiler Suite For Mac OS X PPC (G5)
The Only Fortran Available That Delivers Everything Developers Need
In A Single Integrated Package

Absoft's Most Advanced Fortran Development Environment Previously Available Only in v10.1 Pro Fortran Suites, is now available for PPC Users!

The new v9.5 release retains previous compiler technology for compatibility with existing applications and adds the new Absoft Fortran IDE, next generation Fx3 Debugger, the new Absoft Editor, improved I/O Libraries, and support for both Absoft ACC and Apple C/C++ compilers.

Absoft Pro Fortran v9.5 is the most complete Fortran solution for Mac OS/PPC (G4/G5). Fully compatible with OS X Tiger & Leopard and tuned for G5, Pro Fortran includes an ANSI/ISO Fortran 95 compiler capable of generating both 64-bit and 32-bit executables and C/C++ (32-bit G5 only) compiler, all of which are link and debug compatible with Apple C and other tools.

For those with newer MacOS/Intel Systems: v9.5 is fully compatible with the MacOS/Intel under Rosetta. *Note - the emulator will slow down your performance significantly!

For best performance on an Intel based Mac, try the Absoft Pro Fortran for MacOS/Intel which is designed specifically for your Intel based system.

What's New:

New In This Release

New and Enhanced Features:
  • Full Leopard compatibility
  • New Fx3 graphical debugger has added functionality, an improved user interface and increased support for C
  • Includes Absoft C compiler and is also fully compatible with Apple C/C++ for developing mixed Fortran/C applications
  • Improved I/O
Enhanced Fortran/C IDE included at no additional charge!
  • Improved functionality and ease of operation
  • Designed specifically for Fortran/C development it provides both graphical and command line interfaces for compiler and debugger.
  • Programmer's Fortran and C/C++ savvy editor
  • MRWE application framework - Absoft exclusive!
  • Supports select third party products as plug-ins in addition to Absoft tools
  • Existing IMSL for v9.0 or v9.2 are fully compatible with v9.5
  • Same functionality on Linux, Windows and Mac - one learning curve for all systems

View Screenshots of the Absoft IDE:

IDE Features & Benefits

General Options Screen

Target Options Screen
Fortran Options Screen
C/C++ Options Screen
Linker Options Screen

Key Features & Information:

Includes a powerful IDE which supports additional compilers and select third party applications such as IMSL libraries as plug-ins on G5. Stand alone applications can be created with the click of a mouse. Also included are 2D/3Dgraphics, BLAS, ATLAS, LAPACK90 and HDF libraries and free technical support from friendly engineers included at no additional charge. Free standing applications can be created automatically.

The programmer's editor uses color syntax to highlight key words and data types. The Absoft Fx3™ Debugging Solution fully supports Fortran and intermixed C and assembly code. Create mixed language applications with Fortran, C/C++ and assembler using the single Absoft environment. For users working in multiple environments, multi-platform discount bundles are available.

Additional Benefits: Pro Fortran includes Absoft's no-charge companion home license policy allows registered customers to install Pro Fortran on their home system for personal use at no additional cost. Each license includes Absoft premier technical support, free service packs and periodic software fixes at no additional charge.

Key Features & Information:

Key Benefits

More Benefits:
  • Runs native on Mac OS G4/5 and under Rosetta on Mac OS Intel
  • Highly optimized 64-bit and 32-bit ANSI/ISO F95 compiler modes which include G5 specific optimizers and allow addressing of all available memory. Compilers support all popular workstation extensions and are link/debug compatible with Absoft C and Apple C (GNU)
  • Simple commands allows selecting application builds for either 64-bit and 32-bit environments
  • Pre-configured BLAS, LAPACK90, ATLAS, HDF, VAX/Unix 2D/3D graphics libraries included on distribution CD. Some optimized for G5. Optional tools for auto parallelizing and vectorizing code and special function math libraries available
  • Source compatible versions available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and AMD64. Multi-platform discounts available
Key Features

More Features:
  • Most complete and easiest to use Fortran solution for MacOS/PPC - Nothing else to buy
  • Includes both 32-bit & 64-bit Fortran compilers
  • Highly optimized F95 compilers generate best-of-class performance for 32-bit and 64-bit processors
  • Absoft Fortran 95 compiler operates in F95, F90 and F77 modes and supports all popular workstation extensions
  • Includes a C/C++ compiler
  • Complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with color programmer's editor, debugger, and ability to execute select third party programs as plug-ins. All Pro Fortran compilers can be executed equally well from the IDE or command line
  • UNIX/VAX compatibility libraries rewritten as 'libraries' and 'modules' for better interfacing with Fortran 95
  • 64-bit versions of ATLAS math libraries for single and dual processors are included
  • The ability to use a BLAS tuned to the machine for better matrix multiplication (matmul) intrinsic performance
  • GUI Support for setting MRWE window size preferences
  • Absoft Editor (AE) with Customizable print Headers and Footers & Convert to upper or lower case commands
  • Optional tools are available for automatically converting serial code to code designed for dual processors
  • Numerical libraries with special functions for mathematics and statistics; and Visualization libraries with special numerical and visualization functions are available
  • Source compatible versions available for MacOS/Intel, Windows and Linux - Multi-platform discounts available
Ease of Use

Easy to install, Pro Fortran includes a comprehensive, easy to use Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed for programmers. The compilers can be run either from the command line or the GUI and select third party products such as IMSL or VAST tools can be run as plug-ins from the IDE.

Mix and match development in Fortran and C++ with Absoft and IBM compilers in a single environment. A single copy of optional third party tools such as VAST can be shared between Absoft 64-bit and 32-bit compilers.

Linking with C is simple and straightforward from Pro Fortran. The Absoft Fx3 Debugging Solution, included at no charge, is one of the few debugging tools which can properly debug both Fortran and C code.

Special Features

Multi-processor and OpenMP support

Absoft has partnered with Crescent Bay Software to provide leading edge technology to maximize performance on dual processor systems. VAST-F/Parallel is an available option. VAST-F/P is a pre-processor which automatically restructures your code for dual processors. The original source is also maintained. VAST also performs superscalar optimizations and provides full support for OpenMP.


Complete IDE (Integrated Development Environment) includes programmer's editor, compilers, multi-language debugger with Carbon interface, application framework and support for XL Fortran and XL C/C++. Full link and debug compatibility with Apple C. All compilers can be run from GUI or command line. IDE is easy to use but very powerful and flexible for advanced users.


The Absoft Editor is a powerful and flexible tool for creating and maintaining program source files in FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN 90/95, C and C++. The editor is source language sensitive and will display keywords and comments in different text colors, making keywords easier to distinguish in your source code. With the Absoft Editor, you can edit multiple files at the same time, launch a compiler, and return to the editor to correct syntax errors detected by the compiler. The Absoft Editor is a Mac OS X program. Third party editors are also supported.

Application Framework

MRWE (Macintosh Runtime Window Environment) can automatically add a basic Mac style interface to any compiled application. Written entirely in Fortran 95, full, documented source is provided as example of writing Carbon applications which access the Mac toolbox. MRWE can easily be modified to add special features or change functionality.


Includes a version of PLplot, a library of functions that are useful for making scientific plots. PLplot can be called from C, C++ and FORTRAN. The PLplot library can be used to create standard x-y plots, semilog plots, log-log plots, contour plots, 3D plots, mesh plots, bar charts and pie charts. Multiple graphs (of the same or different sizes) may be placed on a single page with multiple lines in each graph.

There are almost 2000 characters in the extended character set. This includes four different fonts, the Greek alphabet and a host of mathematical, musical and other symbols.

PLplot requires OS X 10.1 or later and is available for OS X, Windows, x86/Linux and x64/Linux making porting graphics between any of these environmets a straightforward process. Complete documentation is provided in pdf format. PLplot is provided under LGPL.


Advanced 2003 Fortran Features

More Advanced:
  • Allocatable components
  • IEEE floating point exception handling
  • Pointers with INTENT attributes
  • PROTECTED attributes
  • VALUE attributes
  • VOLATILE attributes
Mixed Language Programming

The process of combining Fortran and C routines into a single application has been a major frustration to many programmers.

Absoft Pro Fortrans provide a solution: We include a C/C++ compiler for MacOS/PPC and our compilers are link-compatible with Apple C. Mixed Fortran/C applications are easily generated entirely from within the development environment or can be easily linked with code created in Apple C. Example code is provided in the documentation.

Graphics Libraries

Includes a flexible graphics library called PLplot. PLplot can be called from Fortran as well as C/C++ and can create standard x-y plots, semilog plots, log-log plots, contour plots, 3D plots, mesh plots, bar charts and pie charts.

Multiple graphs (of the same or different sizes) may be placed on a single page with multiple lines in each graph. Output can be to your monitor, a file, a printer or in postscript format.

There are almost 2000 characters in the extended character set including four different fonts, the Greek alphabet and a host of mathematical, musical and other symbols. PLplot is included on all versions of Pro Fortran and is source compatible across Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. HDF precompiled libraries are included with every copy of Pro Fortran.

Multi-Platform Capabilities

Absoft manufactures high performance Fortran compiler suites for Windows, Macintosh(Intel & PPC), Intel/AMD Linux and PPC/Linux based systems.

Absoft compiler suites are source compatible across the different platforms which means that in most cases, only a recompile is needed to port code from one environment to another.

What's Included on Distribution CD

You'll Get:
  • Both 32-bit & 64-bit Fortran and C/C++ compilers
  • Absoft Editor
  • Full Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with F90 modules
  • Fx3 Debugger, Linker, Profiler
  • MRWE Application Framework
  • Numerous programming examples
  • VAX/Unix compatibility libraries
  • User Guide, F90/95 & F77 Reference Manuals in indexed PDF format
  • HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) precompiled libraries with Fortran entry points. Both HDF4 and HDF5 are represented
  • LAPACK and LAPACK95 - precompiled libraries and modules
  • BLAS - precompiled, AltiVec and non-AltiVec versions
  • ATLAS - precompiled math libraries, 1u for 32-bit, 1u & 2u for 64-bit
  • PLplot Graphics & plotting library
  • F90GL - Fortran 95 interface for OpenGL
  • IMSL Fortran 5.1 Numerical Libraries in both 32-bit or 64-bit are available as options
Premier Technical Support

Full technical support from professional support engineers, will help resolve any problems is included at no additional charge with each new product from Absoft.

To ensure your software continues running at maximum efficiency, all registered Absoft customers can download service packs and quick fixes at no charge. Customers can subscribe to Absoft's free electronic newsletter to receive bulletins and update notices advising of new updates, changes in product releases, new product announcements and other useful information.

Continuing Software Maintenance

Absoft branded products include Premier Technical Support and Initial Software Maintenance at no additional charge from the time of purchase for as long as the purchased version remains the current release version.

Initial Software Maintenance (ISM) includes free electronic downloads of all interim Service Packs and Quick Fixes from Absoft. Version upgrades require separate purchase but at discounted prices.

At the conclusion of the Initial Software Maintenance term (i.e. when a new version of the purchased product is released) customers may either purchase a Product Upgrade or within 30 days of the new product release, purchase Continuing Software Maintenance for an additional 12-month maintenance term.

Continuing Software Maintenance (CSM) includes all elements of Premier Technical support plus all Product Upgrades issued during the 12-month Continuing Software Maintenance term. Annual renewals of Software Maintenance will be made available at low-cost to customers who renew within their unexpired Maintenance term.

For users electing not to renew Continuing Software Maintenance and having expired maintenance terms but later wishing to rejoin CSM, Reinstatement Software Maintenance (RSM) terms may be purchased.

Third party products distributed by Absoft are subject to license terms and policies of their respective manufacturers.


System Requirements

MacOS/PPC G3/G4/G5 Systems:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later for 64-bit or 32-bit code generation
  • Mac OS X 10.4 for executing 64-bit applications
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 125 MB free disk space
  • NOT supported on OS X "Panther" (10.3) & Earlier

MacOS/Intel Systems:

  • Core Duo, Core2 Duo or Mac Pro Intel based system
  • Running OS 10.4.8 or above
  • Xcode 2.4
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 125 MB free disk space

License Options

Flexible Licensing:
  • Single User / Single Machine
  • Floating Network on Single Platform
  • Floating Network for Mixed Platforms
    (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • Academic Programs
Compatibility & Companion Products

Absoft uses an extended version of the Cray CF90 front end and adheres to the latest ISO and ANSI Fortran 95 standards. Extensions from all major workstations have been added to make sure your code ports from any environment with minimal effort.

Absoft Fortran compilers conform to all DoD MIL-STD 1753, FIPS 69-1, and POSIX standards, support most popular VAX/VMS extensions including RECORD, STRUCTURE, POINTER, and UNION, (per V5.4 of VMS FORTRAN), QUAD (REAL*16) data types as well as others from IBM/VS, Cray, Sun FORTRAN as well as FORTRAN 66 conventions.

Automatic byte-swapping and full integration with many third party tools means porting code from virtually any environment requires little more than a recompilation without rewriting code. The F95 compiler can operate in F95, F90 or F77 modes.

"I have been doing some bench marks comparing a Mac G5 with
2 dual-CPU processors with a fancy-dancy HP c800 with 2 processors.
Your compiler + the Mac is 50% faster than the expensive HP.
I am a very happy customer."

Steve Elgar - Woods Hole Institute

Top Features of the Absoft Fortran IDE
IDE Feature
Absoft Editor:
Syntax Highlighting Editor
Multi-File Bookmarks
Program Element Driven Source Browser
Global Search and Replace
Source Line Numbering
Project Management:
Managed Make System
Multiple Debug/Release Build Configurations
Automatic F90 Module Dependencies
External Makefile Based Projects
Parallel Make
Compiler Integration:
Full Fortran 95 with Extensions
EXPLAIN Fortran Error Parsing
Native System C/C++ Compiler Interface
Library Integration:
Integrated IMSL Libraries
YES (2)
YES (2)
YES (2)
Integrated LAPACK and BLAS Libraries
Integrated 2D/3D Graphics Library
MRWE Native Fortran Runtime Windowing Environment
Fx3 Debugger:
Assembly Language

1. Vast Preprocessor available as add on package.
2. IMSL Math and Statistics Library available as add on package.

Commercial/Government Pricing
Single Machine License $899.00
1-User Floating Network License $1080.00
2-User Floating Network License $2030.00
5-User Floating Network License $4250.00
10-User Floating Network License $8250.00

Academic Pricing
Single Machine License $675.00
1-User Floating Network License $810.00
2-User Floating Network License $1026.00
5-User Floating Network License $2075.00
10-User Floating Network License $3950.00

Standard configurations shown above, but we understand you may have different requirements. If you desire configurations not listed, your Absoft Sales Team is ready to help - even if you aren't exactly sure what it is that you need!

Contact us by email, or call us at 248-853-0050, 9am - 5pm ET (M-F) and we will be happy to provide personalized assistance to help you select the right products and options!


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