Absoft Window Environment Application Framework

                          Automatically Build Graphical Program Interfaces for Windows, Mac & Linux

Absoft's AWE solves the problem of how to easily add a modern graphical user interface to legacy Fortran applications. A full window and menu system is created with no additional programming. Further visual impact and utility is provided through easily created input forms, spread sheet windows, plots and charts. AWE is included as a free, standard feature of Absoft Pro Fortran on Windows, OS X and Linux. AWE is part of the Absoft Pro Fortran advantage: bundling advanced compiler technology, visual tools, and development libraries in one, easy to use package.

AWE is EASY - No need to learn system specific APIs. Typically, adding visual impact and utility to new or legacy Fortran code requires a separate learning curve and platform specific code for each supported operating environment. Absoft's AWE provides a platform independent interface on all three major platforms with little or no additional coding.

AWE is implemented as set of run time libraries which are incorporated into your program at link time. Combining your existing source code with AWE is simply a matter of selecting an additional option in the Absoft Developer Tools Interface. The result is a double clickable applications with a standard window supporting FORTRAN READ and WRITE statements as well as a customizable menu system. More advanced input forms, plots, charts, and spread sheet windows can be added with a minimum of additional code.

Little Coding is Needed with AWE for Big Results:

AWE Plot: This code becomes This result!

AWE Form: This code becomes This result!

AWE Chart: This code becomes This result and
This code becomes This result!

Working with AWE:

How Your Program and AWE Work Together

Easy to Use:

Standard input and output directed to the AWE window are preconnected to the FORTRAN I/O units 5, 6, 9 and *. Any of these except * may be connected instead to an actual file by specifying the unit in an OPEN statement. After closing the file on that unit, the unit will be reconnected to standard input and output.

Additional AWE text windows files may be opened and connected to Fortran units with extensions to the OPEN statement.

Working With Text in AWE


An AWE application is an MDI (Multiple Document Interface) or SDI (Single Document Interface) type of application. For an MDI application there is an application frame window that can support multiple document windows within that frame. For SDI applications, all document windows are opened in there own frames

Additional text windows can be created with the Fortran OPEN statement. An AWE window no limit on the number of characters or lines.

Adding Menu Commands to AWE

Adding Commands:

AWE provides a number of functions for adding menu commands, providing routines that respond to user menu selections, and modifying menu items. New menus and menu commands are added to the AWE default menu. Full descriptions of these functions are provided in the Absoft User Guide.

AWE Screenshots

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