MATFOR Visualization Tools

Visualization Tools and Libraries for Windows and Linux

MATFOR is a collection of Visualization Tools & Libraries, which display data in a variety of formats from 2D/3D graphs to real-time animations. Extremely useful in a wide variety of fields including wave propagation, fluid dynamics and solid mechanics MATFOR can significantly increase productivity and presentation impact. Adding only a few lines of MATFOR will transform your data into real-time animations, or you can even produce a movie presentation file as your program executes. Custom functions can be written to expand functionality and MATFOR can utilize your existing Techplot files.

Key Benefits & Information:

Key Benefits

More Benefits:
  • Advanced visualization toolkit built on Fortran and C++ specifically designed for programmers in the scientific computing field
  • Includes a collection of high-level graphical procedures developed with the mission of accelerating software development
  • Provides the ability to perceive modelling results with enhanced visualization and animation capabilities
  • Advanced 2D/3D visualization
  • Instant visualization
  • Movie-like presentation
  • Real-time animation
  • Matlab-like syntax
Advanced 2D/3D visualization

MATFOR's graphics library contains high-level graphical procedures that support x-y plot, vector plot, contour, mesh plot, surface plot, isosurface plot, streamline, slicing plot, molecules plot and more. This variety of graphical procedures allows you to use different representation methods depending on what you want to emphasize on your simulation model.

Instant Visualization

MATFOR's Graphics Viewer displays high quality graphs with no need of Windows programming and graphics initialization. This visualization capability enables you to display graphs instantly with only a couple of lines of programming.

Movie-Like Presentation

MATFOR's mfPlayer transforms computed data to movie-like animation and allow you to do additional graphical manipulations on it. This presentation capability makes you the director of your simulated animation that is to be presented to your audiences.

Real-Time Animation

MATFOR's Graphics Viewer cooperates with its Data Viewer to display intermediate data during program execution. This real-time program monitoring mechanism significantly reduces the time and effort you spent on program development.

Matlab-Like Syntax

MATFOR's mfArray provides dynamic data typing and dimensioning and it acts as the basic of MATFOR. This fundamental data structure brings simplicity as it enables you to use Matlab-like syntax in Fortran and C++ environment.

Numerical Library

MATFOR's numerical procedures are designed to be intuitive and simple to use. Using the numerical functions, you can solve many technical computing systems, especially those involving linear algebra system, in a fraction of the time it would take to write a program traditionally in Fortran or C++.


  • MATFOR Data Viewer
  • MATFOR Support Utility
  • MATFOR Demo and examples
  • Documentation:
    • MATFOR in Fortran Reference Guide
    • MATFOR in Fortran User's Guide



  • Material and Transparency control editor and API
  • Axis and appearance editor and API
  • Colormap editor and API
  • Object position, rotaion and Eular angle manipulations
  • Bitmap exporting API
  • Axis grid, wall and ticks manipulations
  • Texture mapping on the surface object
  • User-defined windows position and size


  • Ribbon
  • Tube
  • SolidContour, SolidContour3
  • Conour with labels
  • Outline
  • SliceXYZ, SliceIJK, SlicePlane, GetSliceXYZ, GetSliceIJK, GetSlicePlane
  • StreamTube, StreamRibbon, StreamDashedLine
  • TriCotour
  • Point Set
  • Delaunay, Delaunay3-D
  • Image, ImRead, ImWrite
  • ShowMessage, InputString, InputValue, Input Vector, InputMatrix
  • AxisMark
  • Quiver3 with cone glyphs

Data Viewer

  • Multi-dimensional array data supporting
  • data snapshot
  • data histogram
  • data selection filter
  • statistic analysis

Ease of Use

MATFOR is a set of Fortran 90/95 and C/C++ libraries that enhances your program with dynamic visualization capabilities, shortens your numerical codes and speeds up your development process.

By adding a few lines of MATFOR codes to your Fortran program, you can easily visualize your computing results, perform run-time animations, or even produce a movie presentation file as you execute your program.

The MATFOR libraries offer developers great features such as Material and Transparency control, Axis and appearance, Colormap, Object position, rotaion and Eular angle manipulations, Bitmap exporting, Axis grid, wall and ticks manipulations and Texture mapping on the surface objects. Using these libraries allows developers more time to focus on specific application development and research rather than creating functions from scratch.

System Requirements

MATFOR is compatible with Absoft v10 & abovefor Linux

  • Linux
  • Pentium III
  • 256MB RAM
  • 128MB free HD space
  • Up to 4 CPUs only

MATFOR is compatible with Absoft v10 & above for Windows

  • Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista
  • 256MB RAM
  • 128MB free HD space
  • Absoft Pro Fortran 10.0 or above
  • Free MATFOR Express requires new purchase or upgrade to v10.1 for Windows to be eligible

An OpenGL-accelerated card is highly recommended. MATFOR Graphics Library may not run without an OpenGL graphics card.

"The Absoft Fortran compiler family v10 demonstrates high-performance, high-reliability and completeness in language support for 64-bit environments. The Absoft compilers support multiple platforms, allowing MATFOR to excel in multi-platform environments and enhancing performance by a noteworthy gain. Absoft Fortran compilers are definitely a highly valued companion of MATFOR."

Simon Su, CTO, AnCAD, Inc.

View the slideshows and animations below to see what MATFOR can do for you.

MATFOR Commercial/Government Bundled Pricing
MATFOR 32-bit Windows $1800.00
MATFOR 32-bit Linux $1800.00
MATFOR 64-bit Linux $1800.00

MATFOR Commercial/Government Stand-Alone Pricing
MATFOR 32-bit Windows $2100.00
MATFOR 32-bit Linux $2100.00
MATFOR 64-bit Linux $2100.00

MATFOR Academic Bundled Pricing
MATFOR 32-bit Windows $1260.00
MATFOR 32-bit Linux $1260.00
MATFOR 64-bit Linux $1260.00

MATFOR Academic Stand-Alone Pricing
MATFOR 32-bit Windows $1500.00
MATFOR 32-bit Linux $1500.00
MATFOR 64-bit Linux $1500.00


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