NEW - Pro Fortran 2015 v15
    Suite for x86 or x86_64 Linux

Faster Code, AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions), more F2003 & F2008, AWE,
HPC Scientific & Engineering Libraries, Tools Plug-in, GPU options, more…

Benchmarks – Absoft Pro Fortran for Linux is FASTER than Intel on AMD!

Pro Fortran 2015 builds faster code with Absoft's Exclusive Dynamic AP Load Balancing Technology, OpenMP 3.0 support, SMP Analyzer, Tools Plug-in, HPC Scientific & Engineering Math Library and so much more.

Absoft's Pro Fortran tool suite automates building extremely fast parallel code on multi-core systems. Compiler features include: APO, IPO, PGFDO optimizers and auto vectorization, Absoft's exclusive Dynamic AP load balancing technology - performance increases up to 20% on multi-core systems, SMP graphical code analyzer and OpenMP 3.0 support, Absoft Window Environment (AWE), External Libraries and Tools Plug-in, expanded F2003 & F2008 support and enhanced Fx3 graphical debugger.

The Absoft IDE is the only commercial Fortran/C++ development environment designed by Fortran experts. It includes: programmer's editor, Absoft's SMP and Vector analyzer, Fx3 graphical debugger, SMP and MPI control features, optimized math libraries and 2D/3D graphics.

All Pro Fortran products include premier technical support directly from Absoft, Quick Fixes and Service Packs. IMSL's highly optimized numerical and statistical libraries (1000+ routines) are a low cost bundle option. Pro Fortran is a complete solution, nothing else to buy or learn - AND it generates faster code!

Absoft compilers automate building parallel code
on multi-core systems. Advanced parallel and vector optimizers and AVX/SSE support ensures maximum application performance. OpenMP 3.0, SMP graphical code analyzer simplifies tuning and porting parallel code. Absoft's new HPC Scientific and Engineering Libraries provides optimized core math routines. Extensive documentation with examples and usage tips are included in pdf format.

Independently verified as a top performing Fortran compiler for 64-bit Linux on both Intel® and AMD ® processors. The Absoft Fortran compilers support all common industry extensions allowing customers to obtain significant performance gains simply by recompiling existing programs with the new compilers. See 3rd party Fortran comparison - 9 compilers on 16 tests.

Includes the only IDE designed for Fortran. Absoft simplifies code development by solving the problems associated with generic IDEs and those such as Visual Studio and Xcode which are excellent for C++, but have no knowledge of Fortran. The Absoft IDE supports both Fortran and C and automatically provides proper syntax sensitivity, array indexing, etc. for each language and OpenMP and MPI control features. It includes everything you need for building desktop, HPC and MPI applications: F95 compilers, programmer's editor, Fx3 graphical debugger, application framework, graphics and optimized math libraries in a single, easy-to-use package.

Single Solution - Linux, Windows and MacOS. Simplify code development for multiple platforms. Absoft provides same look and feel on every platform and allows you to build native applications for Linux, Windows and Mac from a single code base! Absoft's exclusive MaxFlex license manager allows a single license to float across Linux/Windows/Mac, saving you time and money.

Key Features & Information:


Key Features

More Features:
  • Most complete and easiest to use Fortran solution for x86 & x86_64 Linux - Nothing else to buy or learn
  • Advanced optimizers include: Auto-Parallelization (APO), Inter-Procedural Analysis (IPA), Profile Guided Feedback Directed Optimization (PGFDO), Vectorization and SSE 4*/4.2 support, documented to generate best-of-class performance for 32-bit or 64-bit AMD and Intel processors
  • Absoft's proprietary Dynamic AP load balancing for up to 20% faster code
  • Absoft Fortran 95 compiler operates in F95, F90 and F77 modes and supports all popular workstation extensions
  • OpenMP 3.0 integrated in compiler and runtime
  • OpenMP and MPICH control features in IDE
  • OpenMP 3.0 Fortran session support in Fx3 graphical debugger
  • SMP and vector code graphical analyzer
  • New F2003 features
  • Fully compatible with the GNU tool chain
  • GPU support via nVIDIA CUDA libraries and HMPP preprocessor
  • Complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with color programmer's editor, debugger, and ability to execute select third party programs as plug-ins. All Pro Fortran compilers can be executed equally well from the IDE or command line
  • Pre-configured libraries for linear algebra (BLAS, LAPACK95) plus BLACS and Scalapack for MPI environments. VAX/Unix-compatibility and 2D/3D graphics are all included as part of distribution at no additional charge
  • IMSL numerical libraries with special functions for mathematics and statistics; and Visualization libraries with special numerical and visualization functions are available
  • Source compatible versions available for MacOS and Windows - Multi-platform discounts available
  • End user support directly from Absoft at no additional charge

What's New in This Release

New in Pro Fortran 2015

  • AWE-Canvas - Provides a multi purpose drawing window with graphic primitives for producing points, lines, rectangles, arcs, polygons and displaying contents of PNG and BMP graphics files.
  • AWE-PolarPlot - Generates a polar plot to display values on a polar coordinate system
  • AWE-ContourPlot - Generates a contour plot with user specified color shading and optional contour lines
  • AWE-Timer - Provides a method of executing a user subroutine at specific intervals. This can be used in combination with AWE-Canvas to create animated data displays.
  • Updated 32-bit and 64-bit builds of LAPACK 3.5 and reference BLAS libraries
  • Refreshed 32-bit and 64-bit builds of the Additional Libraries for Absoft Pro Fortran including HDF4r2.9, HDF5r1.8.11, PLPlot 5.9.9 and NetCDF 4.3
  • Improved code generation and optimization for AVX architectures and automatic parallelization

New in Pro Fortran 2014

  • Absoft Window Environment AWE-Chart
  • Absoft Window Environment AWE-Plot
  • Absoft Window Environment AWE-Form
  • Enhanced AVX Instruction set performance
  • Support for 999 continuation lines
  • F2003 - PROCEDURE pointers
  • F2003 - enhanced TYPE initialization
  • F2003 - POINTER bounds remapping
  • F2008 - BESSEL_J0,BESSEL_J1, and BESSEL_JN intrinsics
  • F2008 - BESSEL_Y0,BESSEL_Y1, and BESSEL_YN intrinsics
  • F2008 - BGE,BGT,BLE, and BLT intrinsics
  • F2008 - DSHIFTL and DSHIFTR intrinsics
  • F2008 - SHIFTA, SHIFTL and SHIFTR intrinsics
  • F2008 - MASKL, MASKR and MERGE_BITS intrinsics
  • F2008 - EFC_SCALED, GAMMA and LOG_GAMMA intrinsics
  • F2008 - EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE intrinsic
  • F2008 - IS_IOSTAT_END and IS_IOSTAT_EOF intrinsics
  • F2008 - SELECTED_CHAR_KIND intrinsic

    Absoft Additional Libraries Package updated with:

  • HDF4 version 4.2.9
  • HDF5 version 1.8.11
  • NetCDF version 4.2.1
  • PLPlot 5.9.9

Included features from previous releases:

Absoft Window Environment (AWE) - Qt based application framework for Fortran.

  • The Absoft Window Environment is a cross platform ( Linux, Windows and OS X ) graphical user interface for Fortran programs. A sizable, scrollable window provides an interface to the Fortran pre-connected unit numbers for input and
    output. Additional windows can be created using a simple extension to the Fortran OPEN statement. The contents of individual windows can be saved to disk or printer. Additional menus can be added to invoke program subroutines and
    functions. AWE can be configured to run as either an MDI (multiple document interface) or SDI (single document interface).

AbsoftTools External Libraries and Tools Plugin Support

  • The AbsoftTools development environment has been enhanced to allow the integration of additional libraries and tools. When support is added for a particular library, adding that library to a user project is just a matter of marking a check box. Pre-configured plugins are included for Plplot, NetCDF 3, NetCDF 4, HDF 4, and HDF 5. Documentation on creating additional plugins is also provided.

Fx3 Debugger Matrix View Array Display

  • The Fx3 Debugger includes a new Matrix view for two dimensional arrays.

Intel AVX instruction set support.

  • Absoft Pro Fortran 2013 contains support for the new AVX instruction set in the compiler and the Fx3 Debugger.

New Fortran 2003 Statements and Functions

  • ACOS
  • ASIN
  • ATAN
  • COSH
  • SINH
  • TANH

The following generic functions have been added from F2008 to accept complex arguments

  • ACOS
  • ASIN
  • ATAN
  • COSH
  • SINH
  • TANH

New features from the previous release include:


  • Automatic Parallelization of Loops - across multiple cores
  • Interprocedural Optimization - global code view improves performance
  • Profile Guided Feedback Directed Optimization - reduces cache thrashing, branch mispredictions
  • Absoft Dynamic AP technology - automatic load balancing
  • Auto Vectorization - allows multiple loop iterations to execute in parallel
  • Fortran 2003 ISO C bindings - simplifies mixed language development
  • Full TR15581 - IEEE intrinsic module specifications
  • OpenMP v3.0 - advances parallelism, simplifies threading and makes code more portable
  • EXPLAIN Fortran Error Parsing
Fx3 Debugger
  • OpenMP 3.0 thread support
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Parallel Make - speeds application builds
  • OpenMP 3.0 - compile and runtime variables
  • MPI control features
  • SMP and Vector Analyzer - graphical code analysis tool facilitates code tuning
  • Automatic F90 module dependency tracking - speeds builds
  • Multiple Debug/Release Build Configurations
  • External Makefile Based Projects
  • Source Elements Navigator
  • Math Libraries
Math Libraries
  • Prebuilt Reference LAPACK and BLAS libraries
  • Prebuilt Scalapack and BLACS library for enhanced MPI support
GPU Support Documentation and White Papers
  • Improved Absoft User Guide - documentation
  • Updated Fortran Reference Guide - documentation
  • Creating DLLs - white paper
  • Optimization - white paper
  • SMP and MPI Resources with coding tips - white paper

F2003/F2008 Supported Features

  • IEEE Exceptions Module
  • Value Statement/Attribute
  • Protected Statement/Attribute
  • Pointer W/Intent Attribute
  • Allocatable Components (partial)
  • ISO C bindings to F2003
  • ACOS
  • ASIN
  • ATAN
  • COSH
  • SINH
  • TANH

The following generic functions have been added from F2008 to accept complex arguments

  • ACOS
  • ASIN
  • ATAN
  • COSH
  • SINH
  • TANH

Benchmark Comparisons

View Full Polyhedron Ltd. Benchmark Results
for Your Platform:

Results are reproduced with permission
from Polyhedron Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

Optimizing F90/95 and F77 Compilers

Faster Code:
  • ELF object file format
  • Designed for AMD and Xeon processors
  • DWARF debugging format
  • Big Endian <-> Little Endian data conversion
  • Absoft F90/95 and F77 are fully link compatible
  • Link compatibility option with gcc, g77 and f2c
  • Fortran Statement Extensions
Function and Subroutine Extensions

  • REAL*16
  • COMPLEX*32
  • %VAL and %LOC
  • COMPLEX*16 functions
  • Degree Trig. Functions
  • INTEGER*2 Functions
  • Variable Format descriptor
  • Natural C Function Interface
  • VAX & UNIX Subroutine Libraries
  • Complete VAX Intrinsic Functions
  • VAX compatible TIME and DATE
Code Generation

Major Optimizations:
  • Control flow optimization
  • If-conversion
  • Instruction scheduling
  • Global register allocation
  • Loop unrolling
  • Peephole optimization
Loop Nest Optimizer

Major Optimizations:
  • Loop-caused dependency analysis
  • Loop Interchange
  • Cache Blocking
  • Loop Fission
  • Loop Fusion
  • Outer loop unrolling
  • Prefetching
  • Scalar Expansion and Array Expansion
  • Gather-scatter
  • Automatic Array Padding
  • Vectorization (including SIMD)
Global Scalar Optimization

Major Optimizations:
  • Pre-Optimizer
  • Goto conversion and loop normalization
  • Alias analysis (flow-free and flow-sensitive)
  • Tail recursion elimination
  • Dead store and dead code elimination
  • Induction variable canonicalization
  • Copy propagation
Main Optimizer

Major Optimizations:
  • Partial redundancy elimination
  • Global common sub-expression
  • Loop invariant code motion
  • Strength reduction
  • Linear function test replacement
  • Induction variable elimination
  • Register promotion
Inter-Procedural Analysis

Major Optimizations:
  • Function inlining
  • Inter-procedural constant propagation of globals and parameters
  • Dead function and dead variable elimination
  • Automatic common block padding
  • Feedback Directed Optimization
Multi-Processor Capabilities

Symmetric Multi-processing (SMP)

Absoft Pro Fortran uses all available processors by default. Multi-threading, vectorization, a high performance parallel optimizer, data perfecting, profile guided optimization, IPO, and advanced optimizations can be performed automatically. Combined with the included math libraries, Absoft provides the best solution for creating maximum application performance on single and multi-core systems.

OpenMP Support

Absoft Fortran fully supports automatic multi-threading of applications.

Absoft Pro Fortran includes integrated OpenMP 3.0 support in the compiler and the Absoft Fx3 graphical debugger, debugs OpenMP Fortran sessions.

Ease of Use

Easy to Use:

'Just Installs' without modification on the latest 64-bit Linux implementations from Red Hat, SuSE, Mandrake, and other major builds and includes a complete User Guide with clear examples of editing, compiling, debugging and running programs.

Powerful and ease-to-use, the next generation Absoft Graphical IDE, and the Absoft Fx3 Debugger included with this compiler know if you are using C or Fortran and adjust key words, array indexing, etc. accordingly. Building and debugging mixed Fortran/C applications is easy.

Graphics Libraries

Includes a flexible graphics library called PLplot. PLplot can be called from Fortran as well as C/C++ and can create standard x-y plots, semilog plots, log-log plots, contour plots, 3D plots, mesh plots, bar charts and pie charts.

Multiple graphs (of the same or different sizes) may be placed on a single page with multiple lines in each graph. Output can be to your monitor, a file, a printer or in postscript format.

There are almost 2000 characters in the extended character set including four different fonts, the Greek alphabet and a host of mathematical, musical and other symbols. PLplot is included on all versions of Pro Fortran and is source compatible across Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. HDF precompiled libraries are included with every copy of Pro Fortran.

Multi-Platform Capabilities

Absoft manufactures high performance Fortran compiler suites for Windows, Macintosh(Intel & PPC), Intel/AMD Linux and PPC/Linux based systems.

Absoft compiler suites are source compatible across the different platforms which means that in most cases, only a recompile is needed to port code from one environment to another.

What's Included in Distribution

You'll Get:
  • Fortran 95 compiler with F2003 extensions and FORTRAN 77 mode
  • Full Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with Editor, F95 modules, Fx3 Debugger and Parallel Make
  • User Guide and F77/F90/95 Reference Manual in indexed PDF format
  • Examples of using auto-parallelization, and improving performance with OpenMP are included in the documentation
  • Scalapack and BLACS libraries for enhanced MPI support
  • VAX/Unix compatibility libraries
  • HDF 4 (Hierarchical Data Format) release 4.2.5 precompiled libraries
  • HDF 5 (Hierarchical Data Format) release 1.8.5 precompiled libraries
  • BLAS and LAPACK - pre-compiled linear algebra routines
  • IMSL Fortran Numerical Libraries in either 32-bit or 64-bit are available as options (requires separate license purchase).
Premier Technical Support

Full technical support from professional support engineers, will help resolve any problems is included at no additional charge with each new product from Absoft.

To ensure your software continues running at maximum efficiency, all registered Absoft customers can download service packs and quick fixes at no charge. Customers can subscribe to Absoft's free electronic newsletter to receive bulletins and update notices advising of new updates, changes in product releases, new product announcements and other useful information.

Continuing Software Maintenance

Absoft branded products include Premier Technical Support and Initial Software Maintenance at no additional charge from the time of purchase for as long as the purchased version remains the current release version.

Initial Software Maintenance (ISM) includes free electronic downloads of all interim Service Packs and Quick Fixes from Absoft. Version upgrades require separate purchase but at discounted prices.

At the conclusion of the Initial Software Maintenance term (i.e. when a new version of the purchased product is released) customers may either purchase a Product Upgrade or within 30 days of the new product release, purchase Continuing Software Maintenance for an additional 12-month maintenance term.

Continuing Software Maintenance (CSM) includes all elements of Premier Technical support plus all Product Upgrades issued during the 12-month Continuing Software Maintenance term. Annual renewals of Software Maintenance will be made available at low-cost to customers who renew within their unexpired Maintenance term.

For users electing not to renew Continuing Software Maintenance and having expired maintenance terms but later wishing to rejoin CSM, Reinstatement Software Maintenance (RSM) terms may be purchased.

Third party products distributed by Absoft are subject to license terms and policies of their respective manufacturers.

System Requirements

Recommended Minimum:

64 bit machines

  • AMD 64–bit Athlon - Opteron 12-core CPU
  • AMD Turion, mobile x64AMD or Intel mobile x64
  • Opteron 64-bit, Athlon 64-bit or Intel EM64T CPU
  • Intel EM64T – Core i7-980X CPU
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 254 MB free disk space
  • 64-bit Linux
  • OS must have 32-bit runtime support
  • 32-bit glibc development package required to develop 32-bit applications
  • Installs without modification on recent releases of:
    • SuSE
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • Ubuntu
    • Fedora
    • CentOS
    • Scientific Linux
32 bit machines
  • x586-class or above processor is required. This includes AMD Athlon64, Opteron and above, Intel Pentium I/II/III/IV, Celeron, Xeon and Pentium M. SMP multi-processor machines are also supported.
  • 64 MB RAM required, 128 MB or more recommended
  • 171 MB free disk space
  • Installs without modification on recent releases of:
    • SuSE
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • Ubuntu
    • Fedora
    • CentOS
    • Scientific Linux
License Options

Flexible Licensing:
  • Single User / Single Machine
  • Floating Network on Single Platform
  • Floating Network for Mixed Platforms
    (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • Academic Programs
Compatibility & Companion Products

Absoft uses an extended version of the Cray CF90 front end and adheres to the latest ISO and ANSI Fortran 95 standards. Extensions from all major workstations have been added to make sure your code ports from any environment with minimal effort.

Absoft Fortran compilers conform to all DoD MIL-STD 1753, FIPS 69-1, and POSIX standards, support most popular VAX/VMS extensions including RECORD, STRUCTURE, POINTER, and UNION, (per V5.4 of VMS FORTRAN), QUAD (REAL*16) data types as well as others from IBM/VS, Cray, Sun FORTRAN as well as FORTRAN 66 conventions.

Automatic byte-swapping and full integration with many third party tools means porting code from virtually any environment requires little more than a recompilation without rewriting code. The F95 compiler can operate in F95, F90 or F77 modes.

  • IMSL Fortran Numerical Library available for 32-bit and/or 64-bit Linux
  • Winteracter - A GUI toolset for the Fortran 90/95 programming language. It includes a comprehensive collection of visual tools and subroutine libraries for GUI development.
  • nVidia CUDA libraries - The CUDA™ architecture enables developers to leverage the massively parallel processing power of NVIDIA GPUs.

Pro Fortran & Fx3 Debugger Manuals


Absoft SMP Analyzer!

 Another great new feature of the
Absoft Pro Fortran Tool-Set!

View a Screen Shot Here

Pro Fortran Linux Screenshots:

Fortran Options

C Options

Library Options

ATools Options

Target Options

Make Options

Commercial/Government Pricing
Single Machine License $699.00
1-User Floating Network License $899.00
2-User Floating Network License $1790.00
5-User Floating Network License $4475.00
10-User Floating Network License $8055.00

Academic Pricing
Single Machine License $299.00
1-User Floating Network License $499.00
2-User Floating Network License $768.00
5-User Floating Network License $1840.00
10-User Floating Network License $3460.00

Standard configurations shown above, but we understand you may have different requirements. If you desire configurations not listed, your Absoft Sales Team is ready to help - even if you aren't exactly sure what it is that you need!

Contact us by email, or call us at 248-853-0050, 9am - 5pm ET (M-F) and we will be happy to provide personalized assistance to help you select the right products and options!


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