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High Performance Compilers, for Single & Multi-Core Systems

Absoft #1 on AMD Multi-Core cpus!

Pro Fortran 2014 - Builds Faster Code, Faster with Absoft's Exclusive Dynamic AP Load Balancing Technology, AVX support, OpenMP 3.0 support, SMP Analyzer, Tools Plug-in, New HPC Scientific & Engineering Math Library, GPU options and more!

Absoft's Pro Fortran 2014 tool suite automates building extremely fast parallel code on AMD and Intel multi-core systems. Compiler features include: APO, IPO, PGFDO optimizers, and Absoft's exclusive Dynamic AP load balancing technology which can increase performance up to 20% on multi-core systems. Pro Fortran v2014 has AVX support, Absoft Window Environment (AWE), External Libraries and Tools Plug-in, expanded F2003 support and enhanced Fx3 graphical debugger. CUDA GPU support via nVidia's CUDA libraries or HMPP preprocessor. IMSL v7.0 numerical libraries are an available option.

The Absoft IDE is the only commercial Fortran/C++ development environment designed by Fortran experts. It includes: programmer's editor, Absoft's SMP and Vector analyzer, Fx3 graphical debugger, SMP and MPI control features, optimized math libraries and 2D/3D graphics.

All Pro Fortran products include premier technical support directly from Absoft, Quick Fixes and Service Packs. IMSL's highly optimized numerical and statistical libraries (1000+ routines) are a low cost bundle option. Pro Fortran is compatible with recent releases of Fedora Core, openSuse, Ubuntu, RedHat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. Pro Fortran is a complete solution, nothing else to buy or learn - AND it generates 20% faster code!

General Compiler Specifications & Information:

Fortran Benchmark Comparisons

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for Your Platform:

Results are reproduced with permission
from Polyhedron Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

Multi-Processor Capabilities

Absoft Pro Fortran uses all available processors by default. Multi-threading, vectorization, a high performance parallel optimizer, data perfecting, profile guided optimization, IPO, and advanced optimizations can be performed automatically. Combined with the included math libraries, Absoft provides the best solution for creating maximum application performance on single and multi-core systems.

OpenMP Support

Absoft Fortran fully supports automatic multi-threading of applications. Absoft Pro Fortran (v11 and above) includes integrated OpenMP support in the compiler and the Absoft Fx3 graphical debugger debugs OpenMP Fortran sessions.

AMD64 Specific Capabilities

  • Support for Inline Assembly Code
  • Long Address Support
  • Support for AMD64 ABI
  • Utilizes Full 64-bit ISA,
    Including SSE2/3D Now & Register Sets
  • Instruction Scheduling for the AMD Out-Of-Order Core
EM64T Specific Capabilities

  • All SSE3 Instructions Available
  • Single Precision Complex (Except div/mult)
  • Unaligned Loads
  • Instruction Scheduling for the Intel EM64T Core
F2003 Supported Features

  • IEEE Exceptions Module
  • Value Statement/Attribute
  • Protected Statement/Attribute
  • Pointer W/Intent Attribute
  • Allocatable Components (partial)
Major Optimizations

  • Control Flow Optimization
  • If-Conversion
  • Instruction Scheduling
  • Global Register Allocation
  • Loop Unrolling
  • Peephole Optimization
Global Scalar Optimizations

  • Goto Conversion & Loop Normalization
  • Alias Analysis (flow-free & flow-sensitive_)
  • Tail Recursion Elimination
  • Dead Store & Dead Code Elimination
  • Instruction Variable Canonicalization
  • Copy Propagation
Main Optimizer
  • Particle Redundancy Elimination Based on SSAPRE Framework
  • Global Common Sub-Expression
  • Loop Invariant Code Motion
  • Strength Reduction
  • Linear Function Test Replacement
  • Induction Variable Elimination
  • Register Promotion
Loop Nest Optimizations

  • Loop-Caused Dependency Analysis
  • Loop Interchange
  • Cache Blocking
  • Loop Fission
  • Loop Fusion
  • Outer Loop Rolling
  • Prefetching
  • Scalar Expansion & Array Expansion
  • Gather-Scatter
  • Pad Arrays to Reduce Cache Conflicts
  • Vectorization (including SIMD)
Inter Procedural Analysis

  • Operates Across Multiple Compilation Runs
  • Function Inlining
  • Inter-Procedural Constant Propagation of
    Globals & Parameters
  • Dead Function & Dead Variable Elimination
  • Automatic Common Block Padding
Binary & Source Code Compatibility

  • Source Compatible Fortran 95/90/77 with Cray/SGI/Sun
  • Extensions Include Full Pointer Support
  • VAX/Unix Support
  • F77 Dusty Deck Extensions
  • Link Compatible with g77, gcc
  • Custom Libraries Including ACML & Versions of Intel MKL
  • Big Endian/Little Endian Fortran I/O
VAX Extensions
Compatible C/C++ Compilers

More Compatible:
  • Linux:
    gcc & The Entire GNU Tool Chain
  • Windows:
    Microsoft C Included with MS SDK or
    Available Free from Microsoft
  • MacOS/Intel:
    Apple C/C++ Included free with Apple Xcode
  • MacOS/PPC:
    Absoft C/C++ Included with Pro Fortran v9.5
    Apple C/C++ Included free with Apple Xcode
Mixed Fortran/C Development

Absoft Fortran is designed to be fully compatible with the implementation of the Standard C Programming Language. The linker can be used freely to link C modules with Fortran main programs and vice versa.

However, some precautions must be taken to ensure proper interfacing. Data types in arguments and results must be equivalent. The case of global symbols in C is significant. The symbolic names of external procedure must match in case. More details...

Debugger Compatibility

Easy Debugging:
  • Absoft Fx3 Graphical Debugger (included)
  • gdb
  • TotalView (formerly Etnus)
MPI Builds

Absoft Fortran is compatible with most MPI configurations, including those listed below. Please consult the respective vendor MPI page for details
  • MPICH2
  • OpenMPI

MPICH2 Build Instructions

Argonne Instructions for configuring Absoft Fortran for MPICH2

License Options

Flexible Licensing:
  • Single User / Single Machine
  • Floating Network on Single Platform
  • Floating Network for Mixed Platforms
    (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • Academic Programs
License Agreements

Absoft Academic Pricing Program

Click below to view a short video on building a Fortran program with AbsoftTools, part of the Absoft Pro Fortran Suite.

View more Absoft Pro Fortran videos on YouTube

University of California - Santa Cruz geophysicist Steven Ward uses Absoft Pro Fortran to generate physics-based computer simulations of natural hazards such as landslides, tsunamis and floods.

See Them Here

"I have been quite pleased with the performance of the Absoft Pro Fortran compiler and associated tools.

Working with the Absoft tools on an Intel based system has been a pleasure, especially considering the speed of compilation and execution of my resulting programs!"

Leon Wittwer - US Federal Government

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